peter miles
Who is Peter Miles.

Who is Peter Miles? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, girlfriend, family, early life and education of Peter Kanyike.

Peter Miles is a Ugandan reggae and dancehall artist who sings in Luganda, Swahili, English and Patwa. Miles made his name in 2003 after heading to a famous Kenyan based studio called Ogopa Djs and he recorded a song called one time in which his close friend Menshan featured him. 

Peter has stepped on many stages which have earned him international recognition. In 2007 he performed at the G8 summit in Germany and the show was code-named P8 concert. 

Peter has also received various awards and nominations such as the PAM awards and the Channel O awards recognition.

Early life and education 

Peter miles birth name Peter Kanyike was born on 29 September 1980 in Entebbe Uganda. Miles comes from the family of the Late Emmanuel Kanyike who is the father. 

Kanyike is also a brother to another Ugandan musician called John miles. Peter miles attended Bujjo junior school after his elementary level peter joined St Lawrence secondary for his O level he then joined Kabojja high school for his advanced level. 

After his secondary level, Kanyike joined Makerere University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Tourism.

Music career 

Peter Miles started singing at the age of 14 in 1994 with veteran artists such as Kid fox, Bebe cool, crystal Fabolous, Orlando and many more artists. 

After a music revolution that had taken place in the Uganda music industry in the early 2000s, this inspired Peter miles to go to Kenya and record his first single called one time.  

The single was recorded in a studio called Ogopa DJs that had earlier on recorded music for Chameleon and Bebe Cool. On releasing one time it became a hit not only in Uganda but also in East Africa and this was because the song had a different flavour compared to those that were present at the time.  

The video of one time was shot by Deddac who was the best video producer in 2003.

In 2005 he was approached by Steve Jean and invited him to feature on a track that was written by a then-young hip hop artist known as Navio.  

Peter miles accepted and this was another hit called Ruckus which showed how talented mile was. In 2008 the same track was used in the Big brother South Africa and this was after four years upon its release.

Peter miles has collaborated with various Jamaican artists and this is because most Jamaican artists feel he is different and talented more than most Ugandan dancehall artists. In 2010 peter collaborated with a Jamaican artist called Elephant man and released a remix of Nice and polite which took him to places. 

peter miles song ft demarco
Miles has collaborated with various Jamaican artists including Demarco.

Later he returned with General Levy on a track called OOOH AAH. Peter‘s music success didn’t stop from there he returned with another successful track which rocked East African charts and this time around he was with Demarco and the song was called Blessings.

The song didn’t only get airplay in Uganda but also in Jamaica. 

Earlier on in 2008 Peter had collaborated with the East African basement crew and released a song called combination. 

Peter miles has won several awards including Best Ragga artist/group PAM awards, best Ragga dancehall video Channel O awards in South Africa, best dancehall video KISIMA awards in Kenya. 

In June 2007 Peter Miles was the only artist from East Africa who was selected to perform at the G8 summit concert code-named the p8 concert in the Rostock in Germany and he performed alongside big European bands like U2, Bono, Bob Geldolf, Seed and Youssou N dour from Africa.

Apart from music Peter miles is also a businessman who is based in Entebbe. Peter miles bought cruise boats which are used in cruising tourists around Lake Victoria and he opened up a company called Marines Uganda LTD. 

He once partnered with the United Nations and they evacuated about 2000 Congolese refugees on Lake Albert. According to Peter, he has made a lot of money in this venture and this has made it hard for him to head to the studio and record more songs.

Peter Kanyike miles biography
He started singing at the age of 14 in 1994 with veteran artists such as Kid fox.


  • PAM awards, best raga artist, 2005, 2006
  • Channel O awards, best raga dancehall video, 2007
  • Kisima awards, 2008


  • Hipipo awards, best dancehall song, 2011

Peter Miles Songs

  • One time, 2003
  • Ruckus, 2005
  • Mr Dj, 2009
  • Muwala, 2007
  • Frontline, 2014
  • Nyinimu, 2015
  • Owange, 2006
  • Can’t we be friends, 2011
  • Combination, 2008
  • Ooh ahh ft General Levy
  • Loving you, 2008
  • Walking a thin life, 2007
  • Blessings, 2013
  • Two lives, 2007
  • Freedom in the release, 2007
  • Mother Nature son, 2007
  • Nkusaleko, 2011
  • Fine blues, 2007
  • Bigmouth
  • The ride for two, 2007
  • The truth is enough, 2007
  • Ride on, 2008
  • I get a feeling, 2006
  • Nakutaka, 2005
  • My girl 
  • Change the world, 2006
  • Full attention 
  • Muziki
  • Imagine 


Peter miles is a family man and he is in a relationship with Sheri Bukirwa who gave birth to a baby girl in 2018 and peter named her Amber Kayla Kanyike. 

Their relationship first appeared in the media in 2014. Before Peter was in a relationship with a radio personality Cleopatra Koheirwa.

peter miles kisses girlfriend
He has a daughter named Amber Kayla Kanyike from his first relationship.


Peter Kanyike sided with Eddy Kenzo on issues of Bobi wine. Peter miles said that Kenzo is right he added that Robert Kyagulanyi was his friend before he entered parliament but after he entered he ignored him and according to peter this came after telling him to fight for musicians copyright law. 

Peter says Bobi responded arrogantly that Uganda has bigger problems than the copyright law. And since then he never replied peter’s phone calls.

Peter has also been accused of being Kampala‘s Casanova especially when it comes to ladies. It was once said that he was in a relationship with Juliana Kanyomozi another Diva in Uganda’s music industry. 

This came after both recorded a song called Ojja and they started moving around together. But both have refuted these claims saying that the reports weren’t true and these were false allegations. 

He was also once in a relationship with radio personality known as Cleopatra and he dumped her and went for Sheri.