Bobi Wine's friend Ziggy Wyne died of an accident not torture
Bobi Wine's friend Ziggy Wyne died of an accident not torture - says new police report

After reports of Michael Alinda commonly known to be Ziggy Wyne’s torture went viral, Police have come up with statement denying the allegations. 

According to police, Ziggy Wyne died of sustained serious injuries following a road accident he was involved in after he knocked a 24-year-old lady with the motorcycle he was riding that day along Northern bypass in Kyebando.

“We found him with burns on particular parts of the body, and then the other thing the piercing of the eye,” Ziggy Wyne’s family member told the story.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga now says Ziggy Wyne’s family is to blame for filing torture allegations even when they knew what had happened to their relative.

He says the family concealed the rightful information and allowed the public to roll off with assumptions and politicians take advantage of the situation without evidence.

“Offences that arise from concealing information, especially when the information can be able to help in evidence,” Enanga said.

Addressing the media, Enanga said that Ziggy Wyne death was a result of road accident but not torture as earlier reported. He says the eye and the two fingers that got off were a result of that accident.

“We want to indicate to the public at large, there’s no motive therefore in the death of Michael Alinda, this was purely accidental and therefore, we are classifying it as death arising out of road accident,” Enanga asserted.

Enanga adds that Kyebando areas police have the motorcycle Ziggy Wyne was riding on a fateful day, registration number UDC434W

However, he said the victim had no identification documents and that made it difficult to trace his whereabouts.

“Now the male victim suffered very serious injuries, but he had no identification documents on him, neither did he have a mobile phone, so he remained unknown. He was consistently bleeding from the nose and forehead also had several injuries on the left-hand side because he crashed on the right-hand side of his, even the fingers and everything,” Enanga said.

Eyewitnesses of the what transpired on a fateful day including the accident victim were presented by police to delete the earlier reports which police says are false allegations.

Roy Atworo, the accident victim who is a primary school teacher narrates how Ziggy Wyne knocked her.

“And I was crossing the road and the time I am crossing the road and the man came with the motorcycle and knocked me. By that time, I became unconscious,” Atworo telling her story.

Relatedly, Ahebwa Kule Simon, a nurse from Hope clinic Kyebando where police say Ziggy Wyne was first treated unfolded the untold story about Ziggy Wyne’s death.

“I had to tell my workmate and said you know what, I suspect this person to be having a closed injury because you are not seeing the source of the blood which is coming from the nose, mouth and there’s no cut. So, I had to get a Boda Boda man called Amos however, he has not been able to come here right now. I told him you know what help us this person may need urgent further treatment to help us and take this person to Mulago,” Kule said.

Other eyewitnesses say the burns claimed to be found on particular parts of Ziggy Wyne’s body are false statements intended to black paint the government, while the eye and the fingers got off because he was badly injured.

Ziggy Wyne who breathed his last at Mulago National Referral Hospital on Sunday, will be buried tomorrow the 8th August.