Police UNEB exam centres
Police deploy heavily at UNEB exam centres as UCE examinations’ commence. File Photo

Police have vowed to deploy at least 1800 officers to keep a watch, at all Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination centres in Uganda.

Today is the briefing day for all S.4 candidates. Monday 14th, October, will be the start date for all S.4 final UNEB Exam for 2019, in Uganda, kicking off with Physics 535/3, and will close on 16, November 2019

However, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga addressing the press in a joint media briefing together with Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) officials, at UNEB headquarters yesterday 10th of October, 2019, warned school heads from objecting any student from sitting his or her exams papers on grounds of not paying school fees.

Enanga says that the joint force between UNEB and Police, alongside strict regulations, are purposely to ensure favourable exams environment for both UCE candidates and their invigilators.

“We are going to deploy our territorial commanders to patrol all the UCE examination centres, across the country to guard the exams and also rule out any planned riots or strikes, that might come up,” Enanga said.

Enanga further asserted that police officers have already been instructed to strictly guard examination storerooms and ensure that no man gets access to the exams papers before the stated access time.

More to that, Enanga says before opening the exam storeroom, there will be a police officer, a monitor and a UNEB scout, before access to the exam store is granted.

And thereafter, Police officers accompany the exam papers to the destined examination centres.

While Daniel Odongo, UNEB Executive Secretary in his remarks, said that briefing of candidates must be conducted by the school headteachers personally, to avoid a breach of rules and regulations, regarding UNEB Exam.

According to odongo, most breaches of rules and regulations by candidates is because candidates were poorly briefed by irresponsible people or not done at all, as per the past exams review.

He, however, warned candidates and teachers against examination malpractices, saying if caught, the consequences will be a dare.

“All heads of schools must inform the candidates of their responsibilities and draw their attention to the caution against examination malpractice and the consequences’ of involvement in the act,” Odongo warned.

Relatedly, Odongo asked religious leaders to use their pulpits to preach against malpractice, during examination time by every student.

He also warned candidates against getting access to the widely circulated UNEB exams papers particularly in Masaka and Kampala claimed to be original UNEB.

According to Odongo, the papers in circulation are fake, which should be shunned by every candidate and teacher.

Odongo adds that last month Police arrested 4 individuals trading Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) questions papers, but unfortunately others escaped arrest, and are still on a run.

Monday 14, October, will be the start date for all S.4 final exams for 2019, in Uganda, kicking off with Physics 535/3, and will close on 16, November 2019.

Examination supervisors of the 3,532 centres are 474, chief invigilators are 13,279 and 1,200 scouts in all examination centres in Uganda.