rema and sebunya kukyala photos
Rema's family welcomes Hamza Ssebunya home in a Kukyala ceremony.

Sili muyembe hitmaker Rema Namakula celebrated Uganda’s 57 independence day with kukyala ceremony, as husband Sebunya visited her parents home

What is kukyala ceremony? In Buganda culture, before any marriage proceedings, the groom to have to first visit the bride to be parents. That’s what we call okukyala.

As musician Rema Namakula’s traditional marriage (introduction) ceremony draws closer, Rema and her fiancée, Dr Hamza Sebunya completed the first phase into marriage, yesterday on the 9th of October, 2019, the same day Uganda celebrated its Independence Day.

rema kukyala photos

Rema introduced Sebunya to her relatives in Naguru, a Kampala suburb at the late Godfrey Mabirizi’s Palatial home. Rema was born in Masaka, but her parents passed away when she was still a child.

She was raised by relatives, and one them is Halima Namakula, the former musician. The ceremony was attended by some city tycoon and money bags in Kampala.

rema dress at kukyala ceremony

Now as some people who were not convinced with Rema’s move to legalise her marriage with Sebunya and still wait and wish that Rema and Kenzo units again, this seems to be the end of the road.

As Rema and Sebunya have already begun their marriage proceedings.

And to Rema’s fans who have been waiting anxiously for the official ceremonies to kick-off, it’s a celebration.

Dr Hamza Sebunya, Rema’s husband to be, is a gynaecologist based in Mulago Hospital Kampala.

Ever since the two publicised their intended marriage, he has never come out to say anything concerning their marriage proceedings, despite triggers from Rema, Kenzo’s fans and the general public.

Rema hamza Sebunya kukyala ceremony

Earlier on, United States of America (USA) Ambassador, Deborah Malac requested the two singers Rema and Eddy Kenzo to meet her for a talk and may pacify their relationship. But now after the first phase of marriage, this might not come to pass.

Many people were not convinced that Rema had moved on into another relationship, they thought Rema and Kenzo are playing a trick to promote their music.

But after this ceremony, they seem to be settled now that Rema and Kenzo’s relationship is no more.

Rema’s introduction (Okwanjula) ceremony arrangements are underway. She will be introducing her fiancée Dr sebunya to her relatives next month in Nabingo, Butaka village along Masaka road.

0n August 31, 2019, Rema and Kenzo’s fans were shocked when photos of Rema and her fiancée Sebunya which circulated all-over Social Media platforms indicating their intended marriage in November this year.

Among the pictures, there were photos of Rema and Sebunya’s Islamic marriage ceremony (Nikkah) which was held secretly earlier this year.

Rema Sebunya kukyala ceremony
Musician Rema Namakula, Sebunya hold successful Kukyala ceremony. File Photo

Rema and Kenzo have been in a relationship for over five years, and together they have a child named, Aamaal Musuuza.

Rema is best known for her songs such as Deep in love, Oli Wange, Kukaliba, Siri Muyembe among other songs.