Police Investigate Viral Audios About Fake Roadblocks (1)
So far, Enanga has documented four incidents in which thugs have blocked roads and demanded cash.

Police in Nsangi and Luwero are actively investigating two audio recordings of illegal roadblocks by armed personnel that last for 2:31 and 12:28 minutes, respectively.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police in Nsangi and Luwero, are actively investigating the contents in two audio recordings of (2:31) and 12:28) minutes respectively, of illegal roadblocks by armed personnel.

In a statement dated July, 4, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said the thugs usually stage fake roadblocks, and intercept motorists and other occupants whom they rob clean, of cash and other valuables. 

According to Enanga, they have so far registered four incidents where thugs use logs to block the roads and demand cash and other personal properties in Kalule, Mityana, Kyengera, Wakiso and Maya. 

He mentioned the thugs normally remove the roadblock once they are done hitting their target.

‘’They operate within minutes and drive off with their loot. The incidents give an impression of too much thuggery and lawlessness, but we want to assure the public that the Joint Security Agencies, are doing all within their means, to find those responsible and bring them to justice,’’ Enanga said.

‘’For instance, we have impounded the motor vehicle registration number, UG 0301G and arrested the errant driver, who will lead us to the other occupants of the motor vehicle. Our Crime Intelligence teams, also have one Turyamusinga Brian a 19-year-old, resident of Nabweru, who was involved in staging roadblocks and robberies, while donning UPDF uniforms.’’

He in addition said they recovered uniforms and exhibits from some of the suspects. Enanga promised that they will continue to jointly coordinate their security plans, to proactively prevent and address such concerns of thuggery. 

‘’What is not getting the attention of the public, is the fact that those committing the atrocities have continuously been arrested in their many hundreds and charged to court. We want to further warn, the culprits, that we will find them, arrest and ensure they suffer the consequences of lawlessness and impunity.’’

He, however, urged motorists not to stop when they come across such fake roadblocks. ‘’Threat situations where obstacles such as logs are used to block the road are dangerous. Where possible, use your defensive driving skills to drive off to the nearest place of safety or police station. We continue to patrol the identified areas and want to reassure the public that we will identify the offenders and deter such incidents,’’ he urged.