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PLE 2020 released results Celebrations
PLE results are scheduled to be released on Friday by Education Minister Janet Museveni from State House Entebbe.

The police have warned school heads not to organize celebrations as the 2020 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) are set to be released today, Friday 16th July.

With the 2020 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) set to be released today, Friday 16th July, the police has issued a warning to school heads not to be tempted into organizing school celebrations.

According to a police statement released Friday morning, as the country continues to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the general public should as well remain very compliant to all the Standard guidelines in place including maintaining social distance, washing hands and wearing masks.

The police raised that celebrations including those connected to the exam release usually attract big congregations which can set favourable grounds for the spread of the virus, as a result, the police reminded them that they will arrest all those caught non-compliant. 

“As we congratulate all P.7 leavers, we would like to warn all schools against violating the pandemic rules by holding school celebrations over the 2020 PLE results. Students can easily get exposed to the deadly virus during such risky settings,” the police statement read.

“Therefore, all Headteachers are advised to either postpone the school celebrations to some future time when schools are reopened or hold a virtual celebration. Remember there are harsh consequences in form of fines, penalties and punishments for COVID-19 offenders,” it added.

Meanwhile, the exam board on Wednesday announced that they will through a scientific function held at the State House in Entebbe release the PLE results today.

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In a statement, the UNEB principal public relations officer Jennifer Kalule Musamba said the function will only be attended by a few officials and the media.

Kalule however, urged parents and guardians with students in the above class to make use of the usual Short Message Services (SMS) to help them know the results after the official release.

“The scientific release will take place at State House Entebbe, involving a few invited guests. The time will be 11:00am,” Kalule said.

“This will be done by typing PLE <space> Full Index Number of the candidate, e.g 003301/368 and send to 6600 on all mobile telecom networks,” she added.

For schools, Kalule raised that school administrators will not be in a position to get hard copies of the results directly from the UNEB but said these can be downloaded from the examination centre portals.

“No hard copies of the results will be available at the UNEB offices for now, until a later date when conditions permit. UNEB will officially inform the district, municipal and city inspectors of schools to collect the hard copies of the results from UNEB offices,” Kalule said.

PLE 2020 released results Celebrations
PLE results are scheduled to be released on Friday by Education Minister Janet Museveni from State House Entebbe.

According to UNEB, a total of 749,761 candidates from 14,300 examination centres registered for PLE in 2020, 53 per cent (395,855) of these were females while 47 per cent (353,957) were males. 

Of these, 68.4 per cent (513,091 pupils) were funded by the government under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) Program.