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2022 Packages Channels and Decoder Price for DSTV Uganda
DSTV Decoder costs as little as UGX 79,000, which includes the HD decoder, a one-month subscription to DSTV, and installation.

The following guide will help you determine which DSTV packages/bouquets are best for your home decoder in 2023.

This guide will show you which DSTV Uganda packages or bouquets you should consider for your home decoder in 2023.

DSTV (Digital Satellite Television) is one of Africa’s most popular television and home entertainment providers, with over 6 million customers in South Africa and many more throughout the world.

These figures could be attributed to DSTV’s low prices, a wide selection of channels, or even special bundles tailored to certain markets that have proven to be profitable.

Without a doubt, the Ugandan market for digital television subscriptions has been swamped with fresh kids on the block, as well as other large broadcast satellite providers like Kwese TV, Zuku TV, Azam TV, GoTVStarTimes, and others. 

These have put DSTV under pressure, affecting costs as well as the packaging of various bouquets.

This article breaks down the various DSTV bouquets, rates, and the specific channels to which you are allowed access when you subscribe to a specific plan. Tighten your seatbelt, because it’s about to spew all over the place.

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DSTV Uganda Packages/Bouquets Table

DSTV offers seven different packages, and we hope that one of them will fit your needs.

(In order of decreasing difficulty) 

Number of ChannelsPriceNew April 01, 2023
DStv Premium140+UGX 250,000UGX 275,000
DStv Compact Plus130+UGX 150,000UGX 160,000
DStv Compact125+UGX 95,000UGX 104,000
DStv Family95+UGX 59,000UGX 64,000
DStv Access 75+UGX 39,000UGX 43,000
Lumba50+UGX 15,000UGX 16,000
Indian10+UGX 132,000/- 
DStv French Touch 5UGX 132,750/-
Add Movies3UGX 25,000
French Plus15UGX 136,000
Indian Add-on5UGX 132,000

Note that the Local Ugandan channels are included in all of these channels.

When it comes to a certain bundle, you may want to know which channels you will have access to.

The following table lists all of the channels available in Uganda through various DSTV packages. This will assist you in making an informed decision about the bundle you desire.

Packages and Channels on DSTV

All of the channels available in Uganda’s various DSTV packages are listed in the next section. This will assist you in making an informed decision about which bundle to choose.

Price of a DSTV Decoder in Uganda

The new DSTV Decoder costs as little as UGX 79,000, which includes the HD decoder, a one-month DSTV subscription, and installation. If you also want a dish, it will cost you UGX 129k.

There is more information on DStv decoder prices on the internet.

App for DSTV Uganda

You can get the DSTV Uganda app for Android anywhere in Uganda.

DSTV Uganda subscriptions can be purchased online

Follow the steps below to pay for DStv in Uganda online.

MTN Mobile Money is a mobile money service provided by MTN.

  1. Select Payments by dialling *165#
  2. Choose Pay TV
  3. Choose DStv & GOtv
  4. Pay DStv/ 2. Pay GOtv
  5. Choose a bundle
  6. Insert your smartcard (first 10 digits)
  7. Fill in the Amount
  8. To finalise the transaction, enter your PIN.

When Using Airtel Money

  1. Start by dialling *185#
  2. Pick Pay Bill
  3. Choose Pay Tv
  4. Select DStv/GOtv
  5. Select Pay DStv/ 2. Pay GOtv
  6. Enter Smartcard (The first ten digits)
  7. Choose package
  8. Enter the amount
  9. Enter PIN to finalise the transaction

Multichoice USSD  *206#

  1. Start by dialling *206#Choose 1. DStv, or 2. GOtv
  2. Select A/c balance & payments
  3. Enter/Select smartcard (first ten digits)
  4. Select 1. Pay Now
  5. Choose payment method 1. MTN Mobile Money or 2. Airtel Money
  6. Enter the PIN on the prompt to finish the payment.

DSTV Walk-in Centers in Uganda

Dstv offices in Uganda can assist you with any questions, instructions, or decoder difficulties.  

Customer service hotline for DSTV

DSTV Uganda can be reached at the following address:

  1. +256 312 245245 is the DSTV Customer Service number.
  2. Whatsapp contact for Dstv Uganda is +256 781 600091.
  3. [email protected] is the email address for Dstv Uganda assistance.