Managing Director Promote Uganda Farmers
Left to right the director of Promote Uganda David Nsubuga, the technical advisor Daudi Ndiwalana and the managing director of Platinum Credited Limited Albert Abaasa addressing a press conference at Platinum headquarters in Kampala. Photo/New Vision

Promote Uganda urges the government to encourage farmers to embrace modern farming techniques to enhance productivity

In the move to promote Uganda and achieve import substitution, the government has been advised to encourage farmers in Uganda to embrace new farming technologies to enhance productivity.

Managing Director of Promote Uganda, David Nsubuga in a media briefing held at Platinum Credits headquarters in Kampala, said that if farmers embrace modern farming techniques, Uganda can do away with the importation of cereals like Soya beans, because it aims at increased productivity.

“Most cereals like soybeans and others are imported from other countries, yet we could take advantage of import substitution if the farmers embraced modern agriculture technology,” Nsubuga stated.

Import substitution is an economic policy that seeks the replacement of imported products with home produce.

Nsubuga then announced that Uganda for the first time will be holding the first annual agricultural equipment/machine exhibition from 12-16 November 2019, in Kampala at Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) grounds, in Lugogo.

Nsubuga says the main objective of this machine exhibition is to enhance the production of finished goods supplied in Uganda and foreign markets which in turn boosts local enterprises income.

He adds that the exhibition has confirmed the participation of 17 factories from China and other countries who will be showcasing the most recent farming equipment to farmers in Uganda.

More to that, Nsubuga said that the exhibition will give room to Ugandan farmers to choose which equipment to use to enhance productivity both for domestic and foreign markets because there will be a variety of farming machines and in abundance.

Among the machines and equipment to be showcased include; multi grass cutters, walking tractors, sugarcane juicers, multi Sheller, potato peelers, food dehydrators, food preserving machine, cup sealers, bottle labelling and solar-powered water pumps.

Nsubuga says the programme is purposely meant to bridge technological gaps, that were identified by promote Uganda that farmers in Uganda use remote agricultural tools which needed replacement to promote productivity and expand both local and export markets.

Also, in this exhibition, farmers will be advised on which equipment to use, when and how. This includes; field preparation, planting, harvesting, post-harvest handling, processing, and packaging.

In his further remarks, Nsubuga criticised youth tendency of rural-urban migration to work as boda boda cyclists, instead of engaging in agricultural business, which is a profitable field.

Relatedly, Albert Abaasa, the managing director of Platinum Credit Limited stated that productivity and exports will be increased, if farmers adopt the new technology to be showcased next month.

He, however, urged farmers to feel free to approach Platinum Credit Uganda which has operations in 44 districts in Uganda, in case of any financial need.

Abaasa said Agriculture sector is underdeveloped because farmers cannot afford modern farming equipment, but he says the advanced technologies to be showcased will persuade farmers to acquire them.