Nagirinya's murder Police officers
8 Police officers to face sentence over Nagirinya's murder. File Photo

Nagirinya’s murder: 8 police officers charged

A total of eight police officers including three Assistant Superintendents of Police are appearing in court over charges related to neglect of duty (Nagirinya’s murder).

ASPs Muhammad Byansi, an Officer in Charge of Nateete Police Station, Andrew Nizeyimana, a Nateete OC CID and Allan Okello, a Nateete Patrol Commander who is the person that was supposed to be in charge of commanding the police car that day.

Prosecution led by Senior Superintendent of Police, Steven Ibanda accuses the group of negligence and discreditable conduct contrary to Section 44(1) of the Police Act.

Meanwhile, other officers include; Detective Assistant Inspector of Police Sande Baguma, Corporal Samuel Owona, Detective Reuben Kibikwamu, Police Constable Joshua Basaliza and Police Constable Deo Kitutu.

These are blamed for the failure to respect their positions at that time including neglecting to react earlier to the CCTV footage something pinpointed for the cause of the murder of Nagirinya together with her driver.

On the night of August 28, Maria Nagirinya, a former employee of Community Integrated Development Initiative, an NGO together with her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa were murdered and their bodies dumped in Mukono.

Following their death, President Yoweri Museveni ordered the immediate sentencing of the CCTV operators who were on duty that day.

“I have directed that all involved must be tried, sentenced, punished and dismissed from the Police. Moreover, they should never work in any government department ever, again,” President Museveni said in a statement than before adding blaming the officers for only endeavouring to retrieve pictures from the camera memory days after the incident had already occurred.

“When she was kidnapped, the relatives, immediately, informed the Police of Kibumbiro police post at Nateete, by about 00:43 hours. The officer there should have informed all the Police units and patrol cars and the camera centres about the type of car that had been hi-jacked,

The cameras than would track that vehicle and those criminals would have been arrested or killed before they abandoned the car at Nateete, after dumping the bodies of the victims in Mukono,” President Museveni’s statement read.

Museveni also indicated that camera operators are supposed to be monitoring through the cameras full time to be able to trap wrongdoers even before incidents occur rather than releasing the footage after.

“On account of the cameras and other technical means, we are now able to know who did not do his work. The Policemen in the camera centres were asleep, only waking up to ‘retrieve’ pictures from the memory of the cameras,” the statement read adding,

“You are not only supposed to retrieve pictures that happened some hours ago. You are supposed to watch live and tell the patrol vehicles to act promptly. All these have been arrested.”

Apart from the recent murder case involving Nagirinya and her driver, there are also many other incidents including one case that saw Sanyu Nalukwago, a one mobile money agent in Kajjansi C-cell Zone who was robbed Sh.18million and later shot at.

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This in addition to other prominent murder cases that involved the killing of Kaweesi, Kiggundu and Abiriga among others is what the President identified as negligence of the security personnel.

By John Dalton Kigozi