Kyagulanyi endorses Dr Ayume Charles
Robert Kyagulanyi endorses Dr Ayume Charles for Koboko Municipality parliamentary seat. FILE PHOTO

Robert Kyagulanyi endorses Dr Ayume Charles, asks his supporters in Koboko municipality to vote for him on an NRM ticket. 

Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, the NUP presidential flag bearer has continued to surprise everybody by the way he runs his campaign after he endorsed Dr Ayume Charles.

Yesterday Bobi Wine was campaigning in Koboko district where he was welcomed by a mammoth of the crowd and this showed that the self-proclaimed gateway to Koboko may be no longer has control to who enters Koboko. 

After reaching Koboko amid cheers and praises Kyagulanyi started speaking to the people of Koboko and it’s during this time that he told his supporters in Koboko municipality to vote for Dr Charles Ayume who is standing on an NRM ticket. 

Kyagulanyi said that he has not meant Ayume but he looks a very intelligent young man who can make a good legislator.

β€œI want to ask all of you the people of Koboko to vote for that young man called Charles Ayume,” Kyagulanyi said.

β€œ I know that he is in NRM and have never meant him but tell him that have been watching him and I respect him and when am president my ministers will come from different political parties ,” kyagulanyi said. 

After saying this he received chants from the overwhelming crowd and this showed how popular Ayume is. Ayume beat minister Anite in the NRM primaries and after being defeated Anite said that the NUP had infiltrated the voting process and voted for Ayume who he accuses of being an opposition candidate. 

Kyagulanyi camapigns in koboko
Bobi Wine was campaigning in Koboko district where he was welcomed by a mammoth of the crowd. FILE PHOTO

When asked about this endorsement Ayume said he had received the news while in the field campaigning but he said he is still going to campaign for the NRM party flagbearers but thanked Kyagulanyi for the endorsement. 

Currently, Anite is campaigning for an independent candidate who is contesting against Ayume.  Dr Charles Ayume is the son to the late minister Francis Ayume who passed on in 2005 through an accident.

Earlier on Kyagulanyi had campaigned had in Maracha where he endorsed two candidates including Oguzidiri Dennis who is standing on the FDC ticket and Achidiri James who is an independent candidate and was formerly in NRM.  

Kyagulanyi said this was a calculated move made by NUP not to front candidates in Maracha to give a chance to these candidates to win and bounce back to parliament. 

Apart from endorsing candidates in Maracha, Kyagulanyi also urged the youths of Maracha to turn out in big numbers and vote and that after voting they should stay around and guard the vote. 

Today kyagulanyi is going to campaign in Obonji, Moyo and Adjumani.