newly appointed Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja (1)
The newly appointed Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja. FILE PHOTO

Robinah Nabbanja, Uganda’s newly appointed Prime Minister, has hit back at Ugandans who question her appointment to the position, insisting that she is qualified to hold the post.

The newly appointed Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has lashed out at Ugandans questioning her appointment to the position saying that she is qualified enough to serve in the role.

Nabbanja made the remarks in an interview with a section of journalists at her home in Kampala, She said she has heard and seen statements raised by many Ugandans towards President Museveni concerning her appointment.

However, she pitted those doubting her appointment saying that she has served in many positions before including as the Resident District Commissioner, member of Parliament and the ministerial role which she says has been a learning experience.

“I can only give Ugandans hope that throughout those journeys, I was getting experienced. I am such an experienced person. I am the only member of parliament in that region in 2016 that came back an opposed,” Nabbanja said.

“There are a number of things we have done together with government ,the experienced I have the qualifications I have. I have been RDC, MP, minister so what is difficult about being prime minister?”

In addition, she reminded Ugandans of her previous successes. Among others, she recalls her tremendous role in revamping the Parliament Audit charter when she served as a legislative commissioner.

“I was appointed a commissioner of Parliament and I was appointed to chair a committee of audit . I organised the audit charter of Parliament. Parliament can now proudly say it has an audit charter which I organized single handedly by the way,” Nabbanja recalls.

Meanwhile, Nabbanja was appointed a designated prime minister by President Museveni on 8th June 2021. She will become the 11th person and first female to occupy the office since Uganda became independent in 1962.

In her new role, she said it was a dream come true but expressed her gratitude towards the appointment saying she will serve wholeheartedly to repay the faith entrusted in her.

“In the first place, I was so surprised and I thought this was our usual jargons on the social media. I didn’t expect this in the first place because I was not informed in anyway. The truth is that it was a big surprise,” Nabbanja told.

newly appointed Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja (1)
The newly appointed Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja. FILE PHOTO

Who is Robinah Nabbanja?

Robinah Nabbanja was born and raised in Kamusenene village, Nkooko Sub County in present-day Kakumiro District, Bunyoro, Western Uganda on 17 December 1969.

She attended Nkooko Primary School before joining St. Edward’s Secondary School Bukuumi, for both her O-Level and A-Level studies.

For 10 years (2001–2010) she served as a Resident District Commissioner in the districts of Pallisa, Busia and Budaka, before joining elective politics in 2011, when she successfully contested for Kibaale District Woman representative in the 9th Parliament (2011–2016).

When Kakumiro district was created in 2016, she successfully contested the Woman Representative seat for the new district. She is currently the Woman MP for the Kakumiro district, having won re-election for the same seat in the January 2021 elections.

During her time in Parliament, she served as treasurer of the NRM Caucus ( 2011-2016), and parliamentary commissioner (2016-2019).