Who is Sulaiman Kidandala Sserwadda?
Who is Sulaiman Kidandala Sserwadda?

Who is Sulaiman Kidandala Sserwadda? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, political career, controversies, early life and education of a Ugandan politician.

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Sulaiman Kidandala Sserwadda is a Ugandan politician, former Kampala City Lord Mayor, former Democratic Party (DP) National Organizing Secretary and currently heading People Power National Coordination and Mobilization Committee. 

People Power is a movement headed by Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, NUP Party president.

He’s described by DP as a royal, hardworking and determined leader, with a wide range of experience. Also, Kidandala has been an active member of the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) a youth wing of the DP politics for the last 15 years. 


Sulaiman Kidandala who was the National organizing secretary of the Democratic Party (DP) was appointed to head the People Power Movement National Coordination and Mobilization Committee by Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP)

People Power Movement is a movement initiated by Bobi Wine before he formed the NUP Party towards the 2021 elections.

DP NEC fired Kidandala as organizing Secretary in 2020 February for defying DP directives and architect of all confusion and chaos in the party. 

The decision was arrived at during an extraordinary meeting held at DP headquarters in Mengo and replaced him with his deputy, Shafik Dembe.

However, in response, Sulaiman Kidandala downplayed the allegation saying his bosses in the Democratic Party particularly the president, Norbert Mao is the person to blame for the maladministration in the country’s oldest party. 

He accused Mao of deliberately sabotaging his job for his selfish interests, adding that they were probably against his support for Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

Further, Kidandala accused Mao of being a dictator adding that he is being witch-hunted for contradicting Mao’s views in regards to the party constitution.

Kidandala served as the Kampala City Deputy Mayor, assisting Erias Lukwago who is the Mayor of Kampala City.

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He was appointed to head the People Power Movement National Coordination and Mobilization Committee by Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.


Sulaiman Kidandala once mentioned that Ssegirinya belongs to prison, not parliament.

Shortly after concluding the 2021 general elections, Sulaiman Kidandala petitioned the court to declare that Muhammad Ssegirinya was not validly elected, in addition to finding him guilty of committing electoral offences.

In his petitioned file, Kidandala indicated that Ssegirinya’s nomination papers were invalid because he did not have the requisite academic qualifications to contest for a parliamentary seat.

The law requires all persons contesting for a parliamentary seat to have an A-Level certificate or its equivalent. But according to Kidandala’s petition, the academic documents that Ssegirinya presented to the Electoral Commission were forged, which constitutes a crime under the Parliamentary Election Act.

The Act states, a person who forges or intentionally delivers a forged document to the returning officer commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding 120 currency points (2.4 million Shillings) or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both. 

Now if Kidandala proves beyond reasonable doubt that Ssegirinya forged academic papers, he will face a five-year jail term.

Kidandala also alleges that Ssegirinya’s nomination was not accompanied by the names and signatures of a minimum of ten persons who are registered voters in the Kawempe North Constituency as required by the law. 

Worse still, the petition alleges Ssegirinya’s nomination paper was not signed and countersigned following the Parliamentary Elections Act.

The petition further said that Ssegirinya was never a registered voter of Kawempe North or anywhere in Uganda. This was because, by the time he officially changed his name from Richard to Muhammad Ssegirinya, the Electoral Commission had already finished updating the voter register.

In the documents filed in support of the petition, Ssegirinya gazette his deed poll to change his name on October 13, 2020. 

One year after the closure of the update of the voter register, contrary to section 79 of the Parliamentary Elections Act as amended the 1st respondent, not being a registered voter, committing the electoral offence of impersonation when he voted in the election of 14 January 2021 according to Kidandala.

Ssegirinya had won the Kawempe North Constituency parliament seat after scoring 41,197 votes against his closest challenger Kidandala who had 7,512 votes. 

He was sworn in as a newly elected Member of Parliament for Kawempe North Constituency before Kidandala’s case was ruled.