Shanita Namuyimbwa Biography of bad black
Who is Shanita Namuyimbwa?

Who is Shanita Namuyimbwa?: Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, family, husband, tribe, wealth, marriage, Crime, Prostitution, Relationship with David Greenhalgh, work, experience, Victoria University, early life and education of ‘Bad Black’.

Shanita Namuyimbwa formerly Latifah Nalukenge aka Bad Black is a Ugandan socialite, and former commercial s#x worker (prostitutes). Bad Black is an extravagant woman who lives a lavish lifestyle.

Early Life and Education

Shanita Namuyimbwa also known as Bad Black was born on 27 December 1989, in Zana a Kampala city suburb along Kampala-Entebbe road. Bad Black attended Midland Primary School, in Kawempe, a Kampala City suburb.

Bad Black says she dropped out of school in senior two because her parents could not afford school fees. However, she did not reveal the name of the school.

Then in September 2021, Bad Black enrolled at Victoria University Kampala to study Digital Marketing and English. 

Following her admission, Bad Black via her social media platforms happily announced that Victoria University owned by Sudhir Ruparelia, a Kampala City tycoon appointed her as the university’s brand ambassador as well, a move that generated mixed reactions from the public. 

Bad Black also added that in addition to her assignment, her children were offered scholarships each to study at Kampala Parents School also headed by Sudhir Ruparelia.

However, the university denied appointing Bad Black saying she was only admitted to study like any other person and being a student she automatically becomes the student ambassador.  

The university adds that all Victoria University students and alumni’s are the university’s ambassadors.


Shanita Namuyimbwa in her courthouse testimony took an oath and declared a prostitute in 2005. Nevertheless, before becoming a prostitute she engaged in hawking merchandise on the streets of Kampala plus several other activities.

As a prostitute, Bad Black averaged US$200 a day, after serving three clients. However, weekends were better than weekdays because she earned a lot, particularly from Caucasian men. After all, they had dollars, which she preferred most. 

Bad Black transacted business mainly from Kampala Speke Hotel.

Bad Black had an intimate relationship with David Greenhalgh who was one of her clients, aged 51 years.


Bad Black had an intimate relationship with David Greenhalgh who was one of her clients, aged 51 years, and a married British businessman from Burgess Hill, West Hill, West Sussex, England and a father of two but after a while, the two separated. 

Bad Black and Greenhalgh met in June 2009 at Rock Gardens, Speke Hotel, Kampala City, Uganda at and together they have a son born in 2012.

In a period of a few months, Greenhalgh opened bank accounts in Bad Black’s name, both in Uganda Shillings and the United States Dollars, a house in Munyonyo, an upscale neighbourhood of Kampala city. 

The two travelled together to various exotic destinations, including Nairobi, Kenya and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

However, Bad Black has other two children a daughter born to a Ugandan man in 2007 and a son born in 2010. Ba Black’s children’s fathers were both clients. 

Bad Black enrolled at Victoria University
In September 2021, Bad Black enrolled at Victoria University Kampala to study Digital Marketing and English.


David Greenhalgh filed a case of embezzlement against Bad Black less than 18 months into their relationship together with her friend Meddie Ssentongo, a Kampala city businessman in late 2011.

The case hearing kicked off in February 2012, at the Anti Corruption Division of the High Court Of Uganda, in Kampala under Justice Catharine Bamugemereire. 

In July 2012, Bad Black was convicted of embezzling Ush11 billion (US$3,824,130 at that time), from the bank account of Davishan Development Uganda Limited, a company where Greenhalgh owned 75 per cent shareholding and Bad Black only shared 25 per cent. 

Meddie Ssentongo, Bad Black‘s co-accused was convicted for conspiracy to defraud Greenhalgh’s company.

Bad Black was sentenced to four years imprisonment for embezzlement while Medi Ssentongo was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for conspiracy to defraud.

Bad Black was later released from prison on 14 March 2016 after serving her jail term. However, the US$3.9 million that she was convict of embezzling was not recovered.

Also, Bad Black in October 2013 faced arrest at Kigali International Airport, on an Interpol arrest warrant, for jumping bail in Kampala and she was extradited to Uganda.

In 2020, amidst Covid-19 lockdowns, Bad Black urged Ugandan prostitutes to stay away from truck drivers, who were spotted to be transmitters of the virus at the time. This was through various media platforms sponsored by the Ministry of Health Uganda.

However, the Ministry of Health said the advert Bad Black conducted was pro bono, but according to her argument, the advert was at a cost. When the ministry insisted on nonpayment, Bad Black threatened to air out names of high ranking government officials who have accessed her services. 

Shortly after the threat, Bad Black received payment for her services through Balaam Baruhagara Ateenyi, a music promoter but the amount of the payment was confidential.