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teachers are arrested in Iganga for illegal classes
District Resident Commissioner Debora Mwesigwa stated that the police will continue to track down anyone who has failed to comply with the Covid-19 guidelines. FILE PHOTO

Teachers in Iganga District have been arrested for conducting physical education classes while the schools are still closed as a result of COVID-19.

In Iganga District, seven primary school teachers have been arrested for holding physical education classes when schools are still closed because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Abubaker Kasadha the Iganga District Education Officer, the suspects were trapped following a series of operations within the district that were led by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Ms Deborah Mugerwa, District Police Commander (DPC) Kenneth Muhairwe and District Education Officer (DEO), Baker Kasadhakawo.

Kasadhakawo said the detained suspects were trapped from three different schools including Bati Valley Primary, St Mary’s Junior School and Iganga Victory. 

He said upon arrival at these schools, they found many of the classes were filled with both students and teachers not bothered about the Standard Operating Procedures.

Kasadhakawo noted that some teachers took off immediately after seeing them.

“At the time of arrival at the schools, pupils were attending lessons in class in big numbers. The few teachers and pupils who managed to notice police presence from a distance escaped and ran away,” Kasadhakawo said. 

“In the class, there were about 70 pupils, all of whom were not putting on masks and congested. Upon interview, children revealed that they have been attending ordinary classes every week from Monday to Friday. They said they were also paying money to the school for the services of attending school.”

In her remarks, Debora Mwesigwa the District Resident Commissioner said the area police will continue to track down all parties that have proven negligent towards complying with the Covid-19 measures.

“The security team in the district will continue to do their work to ensure that the presidential directives are adhered to by all the people because we know a few people are not respecting them but we will continue to enforce,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Muhairwe the district police Commander urged all school heads to remain compliant with the presidential directive to have schools remain closed amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

He rather said they should encourage their colleagues including teachers and parents to get vaccinated in a bid to oversee a full reopening.

“The president directed that all schools should close and teachers should use the break to get vaccinated as it will be a requirement for their return to work but these people have been operating normally,” he said.