Richard-Lumu DP warns MPs against supporting bail removal (1)
Richard Lumu, the deputy legal adviser to the party and member of the 11th Parliament, sees President Museveni's suggestion as a trap to manipulate the judiciary. FILE PHOTO

The Democratic Party (DP) has warned legislators against backing any move to scrap bail, stating that it could be used against them.

Legislators from the Democratic Party (DP) have been warned against supporting the scrapping of bail, saying that such a move will be used against them.

According to the party deputy legal advisor Richard Lumu who is also a member of the 11th Parliament, the suggestion proposed by President Museveni seems like a trap to manipulate the judiciary, as a result, he urged his colleagues to maintain deaf ears on it.

“The Members of Parliament should know this is a trap for them, if they accept to be used to remove the right to apply for bail, they will have created a tool of oppression which will be used against anybody including themselves,” Lumu made the remarks at the DP weekly presser at City House on Tuesday.

He raised that in recent weeks, the judiciary has been under attack and the proposal by President Museveni even sums it up further.

Lumu who is the Mityana South Constituency legislator said that by saying yes to this proposal, the president will use it as an opportunity to bring down all those that fail to agree to his rulings.

“An attempt to reduce the power of judicial officers in determining matters of bail application will only serve to fail the judicial independence further,” Lumu said adding this is evident that the judiciary in the country is very weak-minded and cannot make decisions without consulting external forces.

Meanwhile, while addressing the nation last week on issues of national importance, Museveni said courts should stop issuing out bails to criminals and offenders saying that it is a disservice to the victims because they are left in suspense. 

Museveni on bail and judicial decisions (1)
The remarks were made by President Museveni during Friday’s address to the nation. FILE PHOTO

He said whenever bails are given to those who have done wrong it creates a meaning that those in the judiciary are in support of the wrongdoings.

”Some judicial officers and the police are doing things which have no connection with reality. Bail for criminals is a right? How about the rights of victims? People are being killed but you are defending criminals- suspects of criminal offences?” Museveni questioned.

‘‘We are engaging stakeholders on these matters. If I was one of the suspects of NRM members accused of such a crime (Masaka murders), I would work expeditiously to prove myself or members of my party innocent. I’d let him or her (party member) have a quick trial but instead, it’s a cover-up,” he added.