Museveni on bail and judicial decisions (1)
The remarks were made by President Museveni during Friday's address to the nation. FILE PHOTO

Museveni questioned why courts continue to issue bail to criminals and offenders, saying that it is a disservice to the victims because they are left in suspense.

In view of this, President Yoweri Museveni has questioned why courts continue to issue bail to criminals and offenders. He states that this is a disservice to those left in suspense.

Museveni made the remarks while addressing the nation on Friday about issues of national importance. 

He said whenever bails are given out to those who have done wrong it raises a sense to some people that those in the judiciary are in support of their actions.

”Some judicial officers and the police are doing things which have no connection with reality. Bail for criminals is a right? How about the rights of victims? People are being killed but you are defending criminals- suspects of criminal offences?” Museveni questioned.

‘‘We are engaging stakeholders on these matters. I saw the famous Daily Monitor- which works for the enemies of Uganda reporting about this meeting. If I was one of the suspects of NRM members accused of such a crime (Masaka murders), I would work expeditiously to prove myself or members of my party innocent. I’d let him or her (party member) have a quick trial but instead, it’s a cover-up.”

The president, in particular, cited out an incident that happened earlier this week when opposition legislators walked out of parliament after the Speaker had failed to give a clear clarification on the arrest of their colleagues including Allan Ssewanyana and Muhammad Ssegirinya who have been under detention for close to a month on allegations that they had a hand in the vicious killings in Masaka.

‘‘I saw the other day- MPs walked out of parliament because somebody has not got bail. These political people who do nothing about the victims but all attention on the victims- we shall know them by their fruits.

The funny people I see commenting and writing on human rights after I gave a speech on the issue- People are really sick to say that I’m doing things because of donors,” Museveni said.

In addition, he lashed out at the police saying that it is also still characterised by a lot of menaces that needs wiping out. Museveni reminded that there is also still a big challenge of corruption but promised that this will be tackled with time.

‘‘Police are not fully clean. There are still some weevils (kawukuumi) there but they will be cleaned. We still have some problems. One of them is corruption but we shall handle it. There’s no way we can fail to defeat it. Then we have the problem of jobs but in some of our programs like parish model, this problem will be solved,’’ Museveni added.