Ssegirinya Ssewanyana Are Facing New Terrorism Charges (1)
Mohammed Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana, along with four other co-accused persons, have been charged with terrorism. PHOTO/NEW VISION

Mohammed Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana of the National Unity Platform, along with four other co-accused persons, have been charged with terrorism.

National Unity Platform Legislators Mohammed Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana together with four other co-accused persons have been hit with new terrorism charges.

While appearing before the Masaka grade one magistrate’s court on Wednesday, the court ruled that the group took part in vicious killings.  

Richard Birivumbuka the senior resident state attorney told the court that the state had revised the charge sheet of the group adding two extra charges.’’

Birivumbuka said although investigations are still ongoing, the state has accused the group of six charges including three of murder and one of attempted murder in addition to the two others.

“The group and others still at large in the period of January to august 2021 took part in killing people in Masaka region and other parts of the country,” Birivumbuka said.

However, the defence lawyer, Shamim Malende told the court that the state is free to add all extra charges it wishes but it should make proper investigations to establish the true killers rather than apportioning blame on a few individuals. 

“Continued holding of these people in prison denies the people of their constituencies a right to representation in parliament. Kawempe North MP, Ssegirinya and the Makindye West legislator, Allan Ssewanyana have so far missed 6 sittings and they also have health conditions that can’t be handled in prison,’’ she said.

On her part, however, Grace Wakoli the presiding magistrates adjourned the matter to September 29 after ordering that the ‘‘legislators bring the issue of their illness to prison authorities as the state completes investigations.’’

Ssewanyana Ssegirinya remanded to Kitalya masaka murders (1)
A Kawempe North MP (C) and a Makindye West MP (L) have both been remanded to Kitalya prison on charges relating to the ongoing murders in Masaka. FILE PHOTO

Earlier on, the police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the two legislators were part of the people that sponsored the killings. 

He said some of the captured suspects on interrogation said they were hired by them to committing these atrocities.

Enanga also disclosed to them the series through which they were admitted by these MPs and also taken through meetings on how they were going to carry out these said duties.

“The suspects in their admissions clearly indicate how they were recruited, taken through the intentionally designed plans in a meeting at Ndeeba, and create animosity against elderly victims, who do not share their views,” Enanga said then.

“The suspects were promised wealth as a motivating factor. And that it is under the command of the two politicians that the victims were hacked and beaten to death. It is further alleged that the politicians facilitated the movement of the assailants and induced them to commit the atrocities against their victims,” added.