speaker Among to Refund MPs Protesting the Oulanyah Trust Fund
Among told lawmakers during a sitting on Tuesday that it is a mistake for MPs to rush to the media to tarnish the image of Parliament over the deductions. PHOTO/MONITOR

Anita Among, Speaker of the 11th Parliament, has asked all legislators who are unhappy with the sh1 million deductions from their salaries for Jacob Oulanyah’s education fund to apply for a refund.

The Speaker of the 11th Parliament Anita Akmong has asked all legislators dissatisfied with the sh1 million deductions from their salaries to support the late Jacob Oulanyah’s Education fund to apply for a refund.

Following the death of Oulanyah in March this year, it was established that the late was sponsoring up to 101 students at Seroma Christian school.

With fears that their education may be left in limbo after his death, the government came up with the idea of forming an education trust fund to enable all children affected by the death of Oulanyah to continue pursuing their education up to their highest level.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo who was made the overseer of the Education Trust Fund assured that not even a single coin would be channelled to doing other things.

“We’ve come up with Jacob Oulanyah education trust fund. Those who were being sponsored by Jacob will continue to pursue their education up to their highest level. I give you the assurance that not even a single coin will be put to wrong use under my watch,” Dollo told mourners in March. 

“We have set up the Jacob Oulanyah education trust fund which I am privileged to chair. It is our vow , our determination that Oulanyah’s children may not be able to see him now, but their dreams , pursuit of education will continue as if he was alive,” he added. 

The Fund was also welcomed by Speaker Anita Among who called on all good wishers to contribute towards supporting the beneficiaries.

Among also called on her fellow MPs in the 11th Parliament to do the same and in it was suggested that each legislator would be deducted a sum of sh1m every month to support the Fund and on this, no MP came out publicly to rubbish it.

With no time to implement words into action, the Speaker Among Tuesday raised that she is perturbed that some legislators are grumbling over the shs1m deduction from their accounts.

While addressing a Parliamentary sitting on Tuesday, Among said it is a wrong move now that MPs are rushing to media to tarnish the image of Parliament over the deductions.

She challenged all those dissatisfied with the move to present their issues before her office and apply for a refund.

“I have been following some news and the statements that some of us make in regard to the Shs1 Million that we passed in this House .It was passed and was adopted. Shs1 million was deducted and taken to the trust fund. It was an agreed position by all but you find members talking like we have removed Shs10 Billion from their accounts,” Among said.

“I was perturbed because I know that this deductions were based on a resolution passed by this House during the tribute to the fallen Speaker. If a Member has a problem with this deductions, they approach me, and I will be happy to refund the amount deducted rather than have them tarnish the image of Parliament,” she added.