Speaker Among slams MP Namanya Minister Musenero in viral video
In response to the incident, the Speaker of Parliament has questioned the conduct of MP Namanya, saying that it was dishonorable for him to criticize another legislator in public. PHOTO/MONITOR

Anita Among has reprimanded the Member of Parliament for Rubabo County, Naboth Namanya for publicly criticizing the Minister for Science, Innovation, and Technology, Dr Monica Musenero.

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has reprimanded the Rubabo County Member of Parliament, Naboth Namanya for publicly criticising the Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology, Dr Monica Musenero.

In a video that has since Tuesday made rounds on different social media platforms, Namanya is seen verbally criticising Dr Musenero at the entrance of Parliament for allegedly mismanaging funds meant for Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics.

Speaking about the incident, however, the Speaker of Parliament has come out to question the conduct of MP Namanya saying that it was shameful for him to criticise another legislator in public.

“Colleagues, I would like to strongly caution some of you on your conduct and decorum especially in as far as how you treat each other as Members of Parliament,” Among cautioned.

Among who confessed having watched the video said the behaviour was despicable and very unacceptable. She said she will refer Namanya to the Disciplinary Committee of Parliament for a way forward.

“I watched with disappointment a Television clip in which Hon. Naboth Namara the Member for Rubabo County publicly attacked the Honourable Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology; Dr Monica Musenero,” Among said.

“How can a colleague attack and humiliate a colleague before TV cameras over a matter that is being handled in the House? This kind of behaviour is despicable and unacceptable. I am cautioning you Members to treat each other with decorum and respect otherwise I will have to refer you to the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline.”

In addition, she said Parliament on Tuesday gave the Inspectorate of Government three months to further investigate allegations of financial mismanagement against Dr Musenero as a result, she said it was unnecessary to criticise someone over a matter that was already being handled by the House.

Among however, issued a warning to a section of MPs who allegedly planned to cause commotion during the debate on the Coffee report saying that they are running out of time and as such, they cannot afford to postpone debates on bills to another date.

“Today, we shall not have matters of national importance due to the heavy order Paper that we have. We have a national obligation with the tax Bills that provide the ways and means of financing the budget which we must pass before we are caught by the statutory deadline,” she added.