Supreme Mufti Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa Kenzo Muzaata fights
Supreme Mufti Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa asked to mediate and end Kenzo, Muzaata fights. File Photo

Die-hard fan to Eddy Kenzo has written a letter to Supreme Mufti requesting him to order Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to apologize after he raised abused words aimed towards the singer.

Sheikh Muzaata was recorded raising abusive words towards the singer in his absence. In his statement, Muzaata directed Kenzo to go and marry his dead mother.

Furthermore, he also accused Kenzo of being gay something that has left the ‘Sitya Loss’’ hitmaker in pieces since then. Muzaata raised these statements last week at Rema Namakula’s private visit (Kukyala) function.

In a letter dated October 16, Shafiq, a staunch fan of the singer Kenzo requests the Supreme Mufti Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa to force Muzaata to publically seek for forgiveness following his disgraceful comments.

“The words used by Sheikh Muzaata falsely implicates youths as gay people who by character wear earrings and by Muzaata asking Kenzo to marry his late mother disrespects the values of Buganda culture and the greatest insult to humanity ever experienced,” Shafiq’s letter read adding that Muzaata’s comments will incite violence in case prompt action is not taken.

“Muzaata’s decision to undermine personalities like Eddy Kenzo has far-reaching consequences of inciting violence as already seen by the different fans reacting by staging peaceful demonstrations and police should pick interest in the matter.”

Shafique indicated that leaders should act as examples to the public but Muzaata has taken it upon himself over time to use abusive words towards others.

In a letter copied to the Inter-religious council, Sheikh Muzaata, Sheikh Shaban Mubajje, the Mufti of Uganda and police, Shafique furthermore called on the Mufti and other leaders including the police to rise and condemn leaders who have taken it upon themselves to misuse their offices.

“As leaders, you should not be a party to such by keeping silent when one of your own is throwing insults at people. This misuse of leadership should be condemned highly,” Shafique’s letter added.

Last month it became official that Rema and Kenzo had parted ways. The two had dated for five years and were blessed with a five-year-old daughter before they called off their relationship.

Rema together with her new husband Hamza Ssebunya successful held a private visit (kukyala) to Rema Namkula’s parents.

The latter and his relatives on 9th October visited Rema Namakula’s Senga in Bukoto, Kampala.

The two will officially introduce on November 14, 2019, from an unknown venue in Masaka.

By John Dalton Kigozi