Tabliq Leader Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje
Tabliq Leader Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje warns Muslims against Corruption

Tabliq Leader Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje: Muslims sects in Uganda have been urged to stop corrupt tendencies that are giving and receiving bribes because it’s against the Koran.

The Tabliq sect leader in Uganda, Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje informed Muslim yesterday during the Eid Adha (feast of sacrifice) prayers held at Nakivubo Blue Primary School in Kampala. 

According to Sheikh Mwanje Allah draws curses upon anyone who practice bribery both the giver and the receiver, including dishonesty inducements as clearly stated in the Holy Koran.

“The Koran forbids us from getting involved in any acts of dishonesty inducements, God cursed anyone who acts so and we must be reminded that this is God’s law,” he said. 

Sheikh Mwanje says all Muslims are mandated to follow and observe Allah’s commands as written in the Koran to avoid self-destruction.

“We have noted with serious concern that there are increasing cases of bribery in our country, both in government institutions and everyday life, people almost depends on demanding and giving bribes even where the health of people is at stake,” Sheikh Mwanje said.

Relatedly, Mwanje asked the government to tighten security at various border points to check and block counterfeit goods, illegal drugs instead of coming in after they enter the country and then impound them in shops.

Mwanje says these expired and substandard drugs and goods are a big risk to the lives of Ugandans.

He says some Ugandans are less concerned about other people’s lives, so they reach an extent of soliciting money at the expense of other people’s lives by stamping in substandard products and drugs.

Also, Sheikh Mwanje condemned the merciless killings prevailing in the country saying that some people have lost the sense for humanity.

He, however, called upon the government to find ways of ending these murder crimes in the country.

“The Koran condemns murder but the media is awash with many incidents of kidnap and murders, targeting women, children, and bodaboda riders. We must condemn these acts and ask the government to find a quick solution,” Sheikh Mwanje said.

Ali Mulyanyama, the Makindye Division Mayor who was present at the Eid prayers asked Muslims to contribute money to help Muslims in prisons over various offences.

Mulyanyama appealed to all Muslims in the country to pray hard such that imprisoned fellow Muslims get freed. In the same way, he urged Muslims to speak about the mess without fear or favour.

He also asked the government to improve on the state of health facilities in the country which he said are disgusting instead of spending huge sums of money facilitating officials’ luxurious trips.

“Instead of spending huge sums of money facilitating officials to travel abroad and other luxury expenses, the government should inject more funds into the health sector and uplift the standards of most health facilities to save the lives of Ugandans,” Mwanje said.