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Bars in Bugolobi

While Bugolobi has many good bars, we can only share the best. Although there are many bars to visit, finding the perfect bar can be challenging, especially when there are so many.

There are many good bars in Bugolobi, but we can only share the best of them. While it may seem as though there are a lot of bars to visit, finding the perfect place can be difficult.

Bars are a necessary component of every entire weekend, wherever you go. They’re the ideal setting for unwinding, enjoying a few drinks, and even making new friends.

You probably won’t have the opportunity to visit every bar, especially in a large location, such as this. To prevent you from wasting time on the wrong places, we’ve compiled some suggestions for top bars in Bugolobi, and here they are; 

Thrones Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Thrones Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Thrones Lounge Bar and Restaurant is situated on Bandali Rise, Kampala. It’s a posh bar and restaurant in the Kampala suburb of Bugolobi. The bar offers a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages, including tea. It is exquisitely furnished.

Over the weekend, especially with young professionals, it is very well-liked. The neighbourhood boasts a stretch of bars and clubs, and as the night wears on finding parking becomes increasingly difficult. 

The DJ plays some amazing music on Friday and over the weekend, ranging from local to worldwide songs. For a night out, we would strongly advise making a reservation because the venue frequently fills up.


gabiro bar

On 5a Luthuli Rise, Kampala, you can find Gabiro. It’s one of the nice, chill bars with a lively ambience and audience. 

The best time to be there is every Thursday and Sunday. The majority of Kampala’s business community can be found here. It is ideal for groups.

Both inside and outside, separate music is played, giving you a choice of where to sit. Good old-school music is always played. Additionally, the food and drinks are reasonably priced.

 If you’re in the area, it’s worth a try.


Piccolo in Bugolobi is a nice place to visit if you love live bands, played on Wednesday and Friday. On other days the resident DJ plays nice music in the background.

The setup favours people in groups. A well-stocked bar is on standby, serving wines, cocktails, spirits, and even soft drinks.

Cash, mobile money, or cards are all accepted and are the most convenient methods of payment. The location is stunning and ideal for photography.

Karibu Grill & Lounge Kampala

Karibu Grill & Lounge Kampala

This bar is located at 67a Spring Rd, Kampala. It has positive energy and offers excellent customer service. There are a variety of places to hang out within the same location, depending on your mood.

On most days, they have a fantastic music selection. Outdoor sitting, curbside pickup, no-contact delivery, delivery, takeout, and dine-in are just a few of their options. Debit cards, NFC mobile payments, and credit cards are all acceptable payment options.

The Base Bar & Restaurant

On Katazamiti Rd, there’s a nice bar called The Base Bar & Restaurant. It’s the best place for Kenyans living in Uganda or any other visitor interested in tasting Kenyan mbuzi choma.

This bar’s waiters and waitresses are very friendly and hospitable. Everything they do, they do with a smile.

It’s the place to unwind after a long day at work with friends. There you can order food and drinks and catch up on what’s happening in and around town.

Arena Lounge

arena lounge kampala

Arena Lounge is located on Kireka Rd, Kampala. There’s so much to love about this bar. First, they serve a variety of dishes, besides an assortment of beverages, and, they have a band that plays on Thursday and Sunday starting at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Right after, it’s followed by a DJ that takes the crowd through the night.

The bar itself looks amazing on the outside. It’s a grass thatched roof for people that prefer indoor seating, and there are tents for anyone who prefers outdoor seating.

out at onArena Lounge is a nice bar to hang out on a lazy Friday or Saturday night with friends. Drinks are affordable and the toilets are spotlessly clean. 

For complaints, the manager is always around and willing to help, plus there’s security so everyone feels comfortable.

Whispers Restaurant Bugolobi

Whispers Restaurant Bugolobi

It’s located on Spring road, Bugolobi near Dfcu bank. It’s a bar that deserves a lot more attention because it is so underestimated. 

They operate as a restaurant too and serve one of the most excellent meals (mostly fast foods like chicken and chips) in the area. Most important also is that the bar is in a convenient location, just by the roadside. The parking is spacious no matter what time it is.

Unlike most unnecessarily loud bars, Whispers offers a calm and private ambience. It only gets loud during the night, and that’s around Thursday, and Friday up until the weekend.

For food and drinks, they stick to reasonable prices. The staff here are professional and you can see that from how customers are handled.

The Yard Bar Grill & Restaurant

The Yard Bar Grill & Restaurant is located on Luthuli Avenue, Kampala. It’s a lovely setting for relaxing, naturally with nice company. 

It’s ideal for people that want to enjoy the bar but also prefer some calm and quiet. The setup both inside and outside is nice and perfect for groups and couples. 

The food menu at this bar includes pizza, rice & chicken, chips, chicken tacos, and salads among others. Food deliveries can be done to areas around Bugolobi and Kampala.

On Sundays, they offer art classes for both adults & children.

Some days have live music from bands, and other days feature a silent disco. You’ll love this place if it’s your first time.


On your upcoming night out, we hope that these bars we’ve listed enable you to discover undiscovered treasures. 

Just keep in mind that locating the best bars in a new location is simple if you take the time to research, read trustworthy travel blogs, test out mobile apps, or join social media groups for helpful tips. 

We trust that our list will make finding the trendiest bar in Bugolobi easy.