best kololo bars

Our guide has the best bars in Kololo. Most people plan on driving to a new city, entering a random bar, and then learning it’s a hip, laid-back place.

If you’re looking for the best bars in Kololo, we’ve got them. Most people drive to a new city, enter any bar, and then discover it’s the hippest and laid-back spot they’ve ever seen.

Sadly, very few people ever discover that bar; instead, they spend their nights traveling and spending their time and money at bars that don’t offer much. For that reason, we bring you Kololo’s most celebrated bars. 

With these bars, you won’t have to dream of finding the perfect bar in Kololo. You’ll simply have to drive there and experience everything for yourself.


Brisk kampala

Brisk also known as Brisk lounge stands out a little among the other eateries on Wampewo Ave. This bar & restaurant offers a wide variety of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages including fast food options that are incredibly excellent. 

For food, however, the portion sizes are a little on the small side. It’s a wonderful spot with comfortable, romantic setups for a couple to spend quality time together despite parking restrictions. They provide good customer service and regularly provide new products for their clients.

The Hideout Lounge 

the hideout lounge kampala

This bar is located along the Lugogo By-Pass, Kampala. Among the top bars in Kololo, it is one of the best bars to socialize and enjoy quality music. 

Their services are generally excellent. If you want to have a good time, we highly recommend a night here. The lounge has a clear open bar with a big sports screen open to all.

Their theme nights are very efficiently planned. There’s tight security every day so you won’t feel uncomfortable thinking you may lose something. 

The crowds that come here are mostly upscale crowds that don’t have time to steal or make anyone uncomfortable. However, experiences are different and people are different. We ask you to visit and experience this bar for yourself.

Cielo lounge

Cielo lounge

Cielo lounge is located on the 5th floor, The Cube, Copper Rd, Kampala. It is a lovely location with a terrific atmosphere, great music, and a variety of drinking options. 

The pricing for drinks is a bit pricier than the average hangout in town. We could say about 30% average higher than what most bars charge. For example, at Cielo, a beer that would normally cost UGX 5,000 costs UGX 7,000. However, it all seems worth it because the place looks classy and luxurious. 

 At this bar, every day has a different theme, such as Playboy Bunny Friday, when you can get free manicures and make-up, and Poshjunction Pop-Up Saloon on Sundays for excellent hairstyles. It provides exceptionally attractive views of the surroundings, particularly at night.

H2O Lounge & Restaurant

H2O Lounge & Restaurant kampala

This bar and restaurant are located on John Babiha (acacia) ave, 13A acacia avenue, Kampala. There are several bars around H2O Lounge and Restaurant. Food is provided at the bar, and the location is distinctive. 

Wines, liquor, and beers are all available in abundance. Occasionally, when it fills up, you can hardly find a seat because of the moderately large crowd. We advise you to go early to secure a good seat. 

Additionally, although their service is a little slow, the drinks are reasonably priced. Overall, it’s a wonderful bar for hanging out with friends.

Otters Bar

Otters Bar

King’s African Rifles Drive, often known as KAR Drive, might help you locate Otters Bar because they’re close to each other. 

Otters draw a mixed gathering of locals and foreigners. It has a pleasant atmosphere in a peaceful area of Kololo.

It is a well-liked location for enjoying DJs, live music, and rugby.

This location also offers intriguing programs like the #Loft, which is held every Thursday and Saturday and allows participants to create original works of art under the tutelage of a qualified art educator.

This area is made much more special by live music. Street parking is plentiful, and security is excellent.

Fame Lounge

Fame Lounge is located on John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala. It’s a luxurious, spacious bar that’s great for hanging out. Excellent parking spaces and security are provided. 

Fame Lounge works well for groups and is much-liked by university students. The clientele is young and stylish. At the bar, they have excellent cocktails and a very welcoming staff. We recommend It to anyone looking to have a good time on a night out with friends.

Also, as much as the staff does a great job of serving customers, you must be prepared to step up to the counter to purchase a drink by yourself on busy days, particularly Fridays.

Cask Lounge

Cask Lounge

Like most bars on this list, Cask Lounge is located on Plot 37 John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala. We know experiences are different but it’s hard to find fault with this bar. 

Their food is wonderful, and the waiters and waitresses are very friendly. As for the music played, it’s always spot-on.

Cask Lounge is one of those spacious and cozy bars with an atmosphere that makes you feel at home while you’re gone. It’s also a great location for hanging out with a bunch of friends to have a good time, with amazing services. 

This is exactly the place you need to be when you want to let loose, enjoy a nice beer, and listen to some great music.

Circuit Lounge

Circuit Lounge

Lugogo By-Pass, Kampala is where Circuit Lounge is located. It is the best bar to go to if you want to stay out until the wee hours of the morning. 

They play great music and hold reasonably good grounds just enough for you to socialize and have loads of fun. The staff here are kind enough to offer assistance when asked. For foodies that love to eat, drink and party, meals are available until late. 

Parking is also not a problem. No matter how late you arrive, they will always create a safe parking space for you, which is a big bonus for a place packed with so many bars.

Kush Lounge

Also located on John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala, Kush Lounge is one of the best places to party in Kololo. This bar’s atmosphere won’t let you down; there are comfortable sofas and chairs for people who prefer a chair set. This location is typically great for partygoers.

It would be the ideal location to unwind and have cocktails if you are traveling with a group of friends. Thursday night also features a Janzi band making it the perfect spot to chill out in the evening. 

To enjoy the band, we recommend choosing a spot with a nice view of the band and then reserving it with a bottle of your best liquor.


These are the top bars in Kololo. You can drive there on any day, preferably in the evening. At the counter, customers can order their preferred drinks and they will be served the best way they like. 

In Kololo, the bars are so close to each other that once your car is safely parked, you may visit most of these bars on the same day, provided you are in company that agrees.