Uganda scientific 2021 campaigns
Uganda to hold first scientific presidential campaigns ahead of 2021 general elections. FILE PHOTO

Uganda to hold first scientific presidential campaigns ahead of 2021 general elections.

The Uganda electoral commission has said 2021 presidential campaigns will be scientific should the Covid-19 pandemic persist. 

According to the meeting between President Museveni and officials from the electoral commission they concluded that campaigns will be carried out on radios, televisions and zoom should the pandemic persist in the country.

In a meeting held at the statehouse, it was agreed that the election months should not be changed and they remain to be January and February and they should not be changed regardless of the pandemic existence.

It was also agreed that campaigning candidates will use the new digital tool such as zoom and different broadcast channels such as radios and televisions. As a result, the government is planning to procure radios and television sets for citizens who can’t afford to get them to follow the campaign updates easily.

Uganda scientific 2021 campaigns
Uganda to hold first scientific presidential campaigns ahead of 2021 general elections. FILE PHOTO

The latest findings show that 11 million Ugandans can have access to the internet of which only 2 million Ugandans can use and access social media platforms and it’s estimated that most of them are in urban centres. 

This research must have prompted the government to procure radios and televisions for the citizens.

The government is planning to set aside 380 billion shillings to buy more than 10 million radios to be distributed across the country to citizens that can’t access radio services especially to those in rural areas. 

Mathematically this means each radio is accounted to be costing 38,000 Uganda shillings.

The government is also planning to buy over 137,000 television sets to be distributed to each of the 68,773 villages that Uganda has and this means each village will be given two television sets. 

The money for the buying of the television sets will be put under the Ministry of Education and Sports since the government was already planning to buy the television sets to be used in the homeschooling project that has been going on since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Early this month the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament unveiled two teams which comprised of an Electoral Management Committee and the Mobilization Committee to help him in the preparation affairs of the people power pressure group.

Yesterday the Forum for Democratic Change and the People Power Movement formed an alliance called the United Forces of Change to unseat President Museveni in the 2021 general elections.