Uganda Police Report 100 Accident Victims on Eid and Labour Day
Of the 387 accidents, 60 were fatal, 213 were serious, while 114 were minor, says ASP Nampiima Faridah, spokesperson of the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety.

The police reported on Tuesday that 387 accidents occurred between April 24th and April 30th, including the two public holidays, Labour Day and Eid Day.

Police Tuesday said a total of 387 accidents occurred from April 24th to 30th including the two public holidays; Labour and Eid Day that commenced the current month.

According to ASP Nampiima Faridah the spokesperson of the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, of the 387 accidents, 60 were fatal, 213 were serious while 114 were minor.

“A total of 387 accidents occurred during this period and out of these 60 accidents were fatal, 213 were serious and 114 were minor,” Nampiima noted that there were 341 accident victims during this period and out of these 67 people died while 274 sustained injuries.

She mentioned that up to 119 accidents occurred on both Labour Day and Eid out of which 23 people died while 88 sustained injuries.

“A total of 119 accidents occurred in these two days and out of these 21 accidents were fatal, 62 were serious and 36 were minor. There were 111 accident victims during these two days and out of these 23 people died and 88 sustained injuries,” Nampiima noted.

She added that a total number of 9,679 traffic offenders have been arrested and issued with EPS tickets on various traffic offences at various checkpoints in the whole country from 24th April to 02nd May 2022.

Among these, ASP Nampiima said reckless driving cases were 1,709, and DMCs were 2,089. Those found with invalid driving licenses were 837, while culprits caught for overspeeding were 446.

She revealed those that were not wearing seat belts were 760, “Riding m/c without wearing a crash helmet 606, carrying more than one passenger on the motor cycle 144 among others,” Nampiima added.

She, however, called on all road users to maintain discipline as they drive in a bid to help reduce on the increasing cases of accidents.

“We continue to appeal to all drivers and road users on the roads to do your best to keep it safe and arrive alive by taking care of your selves and other road users. Drive with discipline on the road and respect road signs. The public can report traffic violation on our Toll free number Tel: 0800199099.”