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Rebecca Mukite Tips From UCC on Cyber Fraudsters (1)
Rebecca Mukite, Acting Head of Public and International Relations, released a statement saying the growth of fake news and fraudsters is now international. FILE PHOTO

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has advised Ugandans to be vigilant to avoid falling victim to cyber fraud as more and more people around the world depend on ICT to conduct business.

As more and more people the world over, continue to depend on ICT to do business, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has tipped Ugandans to be vigilant not to fall victim to any form of cyber fraud.

In a statement released Tuesday, Rebecca Mukite the Ag. Head Public and International Relations said the growth in fraudsters and fake news is now global. 

Mukite mentioned, however, that the bafere’ s latest trick is calling people and claiming to be staff of UCC or a telecom company seeking to upgrade or verify users’ sim cards.

“We would like to categorically emphasize that UCC NEVER calls consumers for any reason. When in doubt, call our tollfree line 0800 222 777. Telecom companies never call their consumers for any form of verification and or update or upgrade. When in doubt dial 100 and seek clarification,” Mukite mentioned.

She tipped that should anyone receive any such call, they should not give the fraudsters any chance to manipulate them through a long time engagement.

“Hang up immediately – Do not give the mufere a chance to manipulate you through engagement. When it is about your family, hang up ad verify with other sources or members of your family.”

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“If in doubt, call your provider’s customer helpline – 100 across all networks. If you cannot get through to the call center, Call UCC toll free line 0800 222 777. Report the details of the caller’s (number) to the telcos or UCC immediately for further management,” Mukite tipped.

In addition, she advised phone users never to share their mobile money pins with any strangers for whatever reason. Mukite revealed that telecom companies cannot also ask for their client’s pin codes.

“Never give out your pin and OTP to anyone for whatever reason. Do NOT and NEVER enter any verification codes. Anyone who calls you on matters pertaining to your simcard verification and or upgrading is a mufere.”

“Having Access control on your devices / phone is a must. Have a password, a PIN lock, or pattern. Make it harder for anyone to access and use your device /phone. Frequently update them,” she added.

Mukite further advised that device operating systems should be updated regularly. She mentioned that updated devices are usually very resilient to any form of hacking.

“If you cannot update your device, visit the service center for help. Regular updates provide fixes to possible bugs and security loopholes, along with cleaning up outdated software that may slow down your device,” she advised.

“Be cautious when sharing your personal information online. The information you share can be manipulated and used by wrong people. If you must share, limit which people have access to your profile. These settings are available on most platforms.”