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SSP Nabakka Uganda Police Report Increase in Cyber- Crime Cases
Fraudsters have been calling individuals and threatening to block their SIM cards if they do not register in the shortest possible time, SSP Nabakka said.

Police Tuesday reported that there is an increase in cyber-crime cases more so by people who pretend to be from telecommunication networks. 

In Tuesday’s police report, they reported that cyber-crime is on the rise, particularly from people pretending to be from telecommunications companies.

According to SSP Nabakka Claire the Deputy PRO, the use of the internet presents scammers with additional opportunities to reach potential victims and obtain personal information and many people suffer from it without reporting.

SSP Nabakka said they have heard and received reports of fraudsters calling individuals and informing them that their SIM cards will be blocked if they are not registered in the shortest time possible.

‘’In this, they offer to help them register from a computer, claiming the card is going to be blocked or suspended, update your details, or remaining ten minutes. Once you fall in their trap and accept to register, they will take you through a complicated/complex process and you will not realise when your money on your phone has been taken,’’ SSP Nabakka said.

She mentioned that following a public outcry of increased cases of cyber-crime by fraudsters, the territorial Police of Nansana on April 23rd 2022 carried out an intelligence-led operation in areas of Nansana West 2A Kibulooka against organised criminal gangs of fraudsters dealing in fake minerals, electronic fraud and offensive communication. 

The Police arrested nine suspects, recovered suspected stolen items including 24 suspected stolen phones, suspected fake minerals, a laptop that was being used in cyber-crime, copies of land sales agreement, Visa ATM card, marijuana and a list of people who are believed to be their victims.

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SSP Nabakka said it was also established that the scene of crime was being used as a conference for the gang to carry out hoax calls to unsuspecting victims. 

‘’The suspects lure their victims into believing that such calls are from telecommunications companies like MTN, Airtel and different government institutions and departments before they ask for their financial details. The phones recovered are submitted to the Directorate of Forensic Services for analysis and we believe we shall be able to identify most victims.’’

‘’The gang estimated to be twenty (20) in number comprising of men and women all gathered in home/ bar of one identified as Mama Favour r/o Nansana west 2A, whom they believed to be in South Sudan, the nine arrested are detained at Nansana PS as others fled,’’ SSP Nabakka explained.

She however, urged the general public to always be cautious reiterating that no telecom operator can switch off anyone’s phone without going through the proper procedure and authorization.

‘’Since this fraud is Customer-driven, the customer unknowingly sends money on her/his own to the conmen, we will work with UCC and continue creating awareness for customers. (draw attention to Tonfera, etc). The *197# where you need to know the numbers registered under your NIN, it has been discovered that some agents are manipulating customers and registering more than one number against your name. if identify an unknown number, deregister it.’’

She in addition, also urged telecommunication companies to continuously sensitize their clients on different communication mediums and in different languages about this kind of fraud.