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Nansana Police Arrest Gang Leader Behind Robberies
A notorious gang leader behind most of the robberies committed in the Nansana Division has been arrested by the Territorial Police. FILE PHOTO

KMP South and Nansana Division Police have arrested a notorious gang leader responsible for most robberies in Nansana Division.

The Territorial Police in KMP South and Nansana Division have arrested a notorious gang leader behind most robberies in the Nansana Division.

The notorious gang leader, identified as Lubowa Geofrey alias Jeff is under police custody over offences including robberies, sexual assaults against women, burglaries, and swash-and-grab attacks, in Nansana Division.

In a statement dated 4th April 2022, Fred Enanga said they are on the search for three other suspects behind these robberies including Bate, Paddy and Kevin.

“He was behind the wave of armed robberies, sexual assaults against women, burglaries, and swash-and-grab attacks, in Nansana Division. His other accomplices include notorious robbers like BATE, PADDY and KEVIN who are on our wanted list in the Nansana Division.” 

Enanga said the suspect and others still at large, on 11.03.2022, while armed with pangas attacked Turinawe Robert, a businessman dealing in gas, while heading home with his daughter, Sarah Nuwasiime, and robbed them of cash totalling 7.5m and three smartphones.  

Enanga revealed that they also vandalized his vehicle, before escaping from the scene on two bodaboda motorcycles.  

“The suspect has been a notorious bouncer, who was arrested in 2017 – 2018 in the women murders, in Nansana and Entebbe. And in the year 2020, he was arrested for assaulting a Police Officer, who had gone to arrest him, for burglary and theft. He is a former convict, released 5 months ago.”

“He was tracked down and arrested on 31.03.2022, at 3:30 am at Ochieng ward in Nansana Municipality. Upon search, he was found with two common flagged jackets used in robberies, two black T-shirts labelled security, housebreaking implements and opium,” Enanga said.

He noted that the arrest of the notorious suspect shows the strong determination of the police to get rid of such actors of violence in the Nansana Division who have been known for being well known for leading gruesome attacks on area mates.

 “As we intensify our efforts, in dismantling this destructive gang, we call upon victims who could have been mugged, attacked, robbed and raped or victimized to share details with the police at Nansana Division,” Enanga added. 

He, however, revealed the Inspector General of Police sends applauds to the team at the Kampala Metropolitan South and Nansana Division for the good job done in tracking down the gang members.