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9 women activists arrested over pastor Bujjingo protest

Nine women activists arrested over pastor Bujjingo protest.

Police today intercepted a planned protest by a section of women activists who were to set off from Bat Valley theatre to the office of the Speaker of parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, to express their discontentment with pastor Bujjingo earlier devaluing remarks over his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa.

In this police operation, nine (9) activists were arrested and detained at Wandegeya Police Station as investigations on the matter proceeds.

Pastor Bujjingo earlier on said that he tolerated his wife for ten (10) years including buying daily cotton wools as paddings, the time she experienced haemorrhage.

However, activists say, they want justice for women as displayed on their placard that “justice for women, Teddy deserves justice”.

In the same way, they requested the Uganda Communication Commission to reign on Bujjingo and government to penalize him, such that he becomes a living example to the rest of the men in this country.

“Imagine the hustle we have to go through to explain to our children such kind of behaviour,” Singer and a woman activist, Sophie Gomba said.

In addition, they said Aloysius Buggingo’s statement pictures him as an immoral individual who is not fit to lead a church.

Women rights activists say, Buggingo’s last week statements that he used a lot of his money purchasing cotton wool for his estranged wife Teddy, indicates that he lacks respect for women.

In this case, activists had it on their Monday agenda, to go buy cotton wools and sanitary pads and take them to HPMI as compensation for what pastor Bujjingo spent on his wife the time she suffered haemorrhage.

But the whole plan was blocked by police as heavy deployment was made at the Canaan Land Church (HPMI) to avoid clashes between the two groups.

This followed Sunday morning reports that circulated saying that the House of Prayer Ministries Pastor, Aloysius Bujjingo has been arrested and taken away in a police van.

But later on, it was proved to be misleading information after Bujjingo turned up to lead the 14th July Sunday sermon, the last day of HPMI monthly 14-day fasting.

In his message to the church congregation, Bujjingo clarified on his arrest rumours saying he’s immune to arrest particularly under President Museveni’s regime.

“I cannot be arrested by this government, because they are the reason why this church exists. Despite the many cases, they reported against us,” Bujjingo told the church.

Bugging also said that news of his arrest got him at his house when he was still setting up himself for the church.

“I got phone calls from ministers, legislators and top security officials asking about my arrest. I am not a criminal to be arrested. Teddy said these words so many times. It doesn’t offend her,” Bujjingo said.

After these statements, Bujjingo apologised to his family and all women, following disgracing statements he made over his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa.