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Who is Angella Katatumba?

Who is Angella Katatumba? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, songs, Education and Background, news and relationship with Daddy Andre.

Angella Katatumba is a Ugandan singer, vocalist diplomat, philanthropist and a businesswoman. She does pop, RnB and rock music.  

Katatumba is gifted with a distinctive alto voice and it has huge octave counts. Katatumba has released three albums in her career and her first album was called Peace which was released in 2005 and its title track was called peace which was a collaboration between her and Butcher man. 

Apart from music Angella has an NGO called Angella Katatumba Development Foundation. She has also won various awards including the CEO Global Awards – Humanitarian Award in 2016. 

Katatumba involves herself in humanitarian work under the Angella Katatumba Development Foundation and she has been globally recognized.

Early life and education 

Angella Katatumba comes from the family of the late H.E Boney Katatumba who was the consul of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Ms Gertrude Katatumba the proprietor of AFK Beauty Clinic Kabalagala

Angella has seven brothers and a sister; Rosemary, Allan, Dennis, Rugiirwa (Angella’s twin brother), Collin, ken, Ian, and Jay.

Angella went to Katatumba Academy from 1986 to 1994 for her primary then she joined Belmont senior secondary school from 1994 to 1996 in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada and she managed to obtain a diploma in public relations. 

She then joined Oxford Brookes University England where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and law from 1996 to 1999. She continued with her studies at Oxford Brookes and she managed to obtain a Masters in International management /public relations from 1999 to 2000.

Katatumba moved from England to Chicago, Illinois after finishing her studies and she managed to get well-paying jobs in hospitality. 

While in USA Angela worked at Buca Di Beppo restaurant between 2001- 2002, Isaac Hayes restaurant in 2002 -2003 also in Chicago and she was earning almost USD 100,000 per year with the bonuses. 

In 2005 Katatumba moved back home and she started working as a managing director at her father’s hotel called Hotel Diplomate in Kampala, Uganda and she is still currently the manager.

katatumba started singing in uganda
Katatumba started singing in 1996 but she professionally started singing in 2005.

Music career 

Angella Katatumba started singing in 1996 but she professionally started singing in 2005 after she had returned from the USA. 

In 2005 she released a 10 track album with songs like For you Gulu, peace a collaboration between her and Butcher man, I live for you, let me, I surrender, one minute, sikyetagga a duet with Bebe Cool. 

Angella decided to record her music in English because of her western upbringing and she had the global market.

Her second album was called Glad I am alive and it was a 10 track album it had songs like Feel alight a duet with Navio, Glad am alive, thank you, The pledge without you, wind Beneath your wings, A better place, forgiveness, Ngenze Noono and Gwenjagala and many more songs.

Her third album is called the supernatural girl and it had songs like Together forever, Let’s go green a duet with Keko, In the air, Only you, So close, Supernatural, Mulago Yaffe, The struggle ft Nto, So painful and Multiply ft Radio and Weasel.

After a successful music career, Angella opened up an NGO in 2006 called Angella Katatumba Foundation and through this foundation she recorded a song called for you Gulu in which she raises awareness about the plight in Northern Uganda after the ending of the 21-year-old war. 

She also collected funds to help the people of the war-torn area. Through this foundation, Katatumba continues to raise awareness for the suffering people in Uganda and Africa at large.

In 2010 the British Council commissioned Angella Katatumba and appointed her as the International Climate Change Icon in Uganda between 2010-2011. This was after her first project of For you Gulu in 2006.  

After her appointment, Angella led the Let’s go Green campaign and she spearheaded the climate change campaign through her music.

She managed to go to various countries like Mexico and she also attended the Global Climate Change Summit and also performed for the head of states and other dignitaries her let’s go green song. 

Her third project is the supernatural girl campaign. This project was inspired and motivated by Angella’s Supernatural songs that talk about domestic violence.   

She later also championed the Mulago Yaffe project and it aimed to create awareness of the poor sanitation at Mulago hospital and to help in collecting from donors and donating some necessary items to patients.

Angella managed to donate 10 million Uganda shillings to the special care unit under Mulago Yaffe project and this money was used in buying a phototherapy machine and syringe pump. 

In 2016 Katatumba held her first concert that was successful at the Kampala Serena hotel and she donated 15 million shillings to Uganda’s cancer institute. 

In 2016 she was recognized by United Nations for her millennia inspiring music concerts, compositions and extremely unchallenged humanitarian work around Africa and the world at large.

katatumba chicken tonight restaurant
Angella was involved in a brawl at a popular chicken tonight restaurant in Kabalagala.


  • Starqt Awards – charity foundation of the year, 2016
  • Uganda Entertainment Awards –Humanitarian award of the year, 2016
  • CEO Global Awards – Humanitarian award, 2016
  • Kyambogo Rotaract Award – Humanitarian Award, For You Gulu and Climate Change projects, 2013
  • Diva Awards – Humanitarian Diva December 2010 and Role Model Diva
  • 2011 Office of the Prime Minister of the Government of Uganda, Peace Award for you 
  • Woman of Power award, 2009
  • Buzz Tenniez awards 
  • Uganda Teens Role model in 2007 and 2009
  • Kampala Rotaract Award, Humanitarian Award, 2007

Angella Katatumba Songs

  • Peace ft Butcher man, 2005
  • Tonelabila ft daddy Andre, 2020
  • Love me, 2020
  • Let’s go green, 2015
  • Together forever, 2015
  • In the air, 2014
  • Ngenze noono, 2013
  • So close, 2015
  • For you Gulu, 2006
  • Glad am alive, 2007
  • The pledge, 2015
  • Mulago Yaffe, 2016
  • Let me
  • Success, 2015
  • Feel alright, 2014
  • Forgiveness, 2014
  • Only you, 2015
  • I live for you, 2015


  • Peace
  • Supernatural 
  • I live for you 
angella katatumba relationship with daddy andre
Katatumba was in a relationship with Daddy Andre, but the relationship didn’t last for long.


Angella Katatumba was married to Ward Alonzo who was a USA marine for eight years while still in the states. The marriage turned violent and they decided to divorce.


Angella Katatumba was in a relationship with Daddy Andre, Uganda’s music producer but the relationship didn’t last for long and according to Angella, they broke up after Daddy Andre refused to test for HIV/AIDS.

In 2018 Angella was involved in a brawl at a popular chicken tonight restaurant in Kabalagala. She was beaten with a Jamaican music singer KZ and she was admitted to the hospital. 

She later went to court and she was rewarded for the insults she faced.