Who is Annatalia Oze?
Who is Annatalia Oze?

Who is Annatalia Oze? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, media, husband, family, politics, charity, early life and education of Annatalia Ruth Nambooze.

Annatalia Oze is a Ugandan media personality who is the host of Uganda’s best gossip show known as Uncut Kalakata which airs Monday to Friday on NBS television. 

She is also the host of a weekend gossip show known as Uncut Sabula still on NBS TV and Sanyuka TV. 

Anna first made a name with her motor-mouthed colleague called Zahara Toto while still at spark TV where they were hosting a gossip show known as Live wire before joining NBS television

She is currently contesting as a woman lord councillor in Rubaga North.

Early life and education

Annatalia Oze real name Annatalia Ruth Nambooze was born and raised in a Kampala suburb of Lungujja and comes from the family of Mr Busulwa Kamwanga who is the father but also Wasswa Lule a veteran politician is her grandfather. 

She has four siblings and Anatalia attended several schools. 

Anna started her educational journey at Lungujja nursery school then she joined st Mary’s Nabbingo where she finished her primary four. Her parents divorced and the family suffered a financial setback which made her join Lungujja hill for her primary seven. 

After primary education, she joined Alliance SS for O- level and then joined Old Kampala SS where she did her A level from. She joined Old Kampala SS because her previous school never had literature yet she wanted to do it at her A-level. 

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After secondary, she joined Makerere University where graduated as literature and English teacher in 2016 but she ended up joining another profession. Nambooze did her teachers training at Kings College Buddo and Hannah international. 

annatalia Ruth Nambooze joined nbs tv media
She joined the media world in her six vacations with the help of a local musician Karim Sava who connected her to Miles Rwamiti.

Work and experience

#Media career 

Annatalia joined the media world in her six vacations with the help of a local musician Karim Sava who connected her to Miles Rwamiti who was still working at Bukedde TV.  

Miles took her to Vision group and introduced her to Mr Serunkuma who told her to wait until they open up an English TV station and that was urban TV. 

Miles took her to the department of the news writers where he introduced her to Mr Sebidde Kiryowa who gave her the first task and was to cover the Mrs Uganda event and come up with an article. 

She recalls not writing a single word but friend Carol did the writing but she got a byline when the story featured in the paper. 

When urban TV started she came up with the concept of an evening TV program called Skizzy but unfortunately she didn’t get a chance of hosting the show because it was run for a full week but again she had joined Makerere University and she couldn’t balance the two. 

Mr Kiryowa advised her to come up with another show that could fit her schedule. 

Anna came up with a new concept and this was campus 101 which the management accepted and she started hosting the show on urban TV. Her first salary was 400,000 shillings and she recalls buying a carpet from the salary.

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When the new management came she went off the air because of unclear circumstances and it’s during this time that she joined Record TV since Douglas Lwanga and Jack star that where hosting Katogo had left the station. 

She did the show for a couple of months and her monthly salary was 600,000 shillings. 

After six months she joined Delta TV where she was hosting a night show called 256 Tubaale but the show was not successful because she isn’t good in music shows and again after 3 months she received a phone call from a new television and this was spark TV. 

On joining spark TV she linked up with a new team which had members like Peter Kafuko and Zahara Toto and it’s during this time that their breakthrough came. 

She started hosting Live wire the show that became popular and it also turned out to be a household name. According to her one of the best moments while hosting the Live wire show was when they hosted the red carpet event in Luganda.

In 2018 they left spark TV and joined NBS TV and this gave birth to a new show known as Uncut kalakata and a weekend show known as Uncut Sabula but during this move, rumour had it that Anatalia was sceptical to make this move but she has refuted these reports. 

According to Annatalia Oze, her best moment so far was when Uncut Sabula hit 5K views in real-time. Anatalia was once in radio and she was hosting a morning show on Balaam’s radio but she left later.

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Charity organization 

Oze runs a charity organization known as women for her which she uses to empower women and she also equips and mentors them with various skills.

Political career 

Annatalia Oze comes from a family of a veteran politician Waswa Lule who is her grandfather and Waswa Lule is a son to the former president of Uganda Yusuf Lule. 

Basing on this background Anatalia is going to run as a lord councillor in Rubaga north but before she was going to run as a youth member of parliament in the central region but she bowed out of the race for financial reasons.

annatalia oze councillor rubaga north
She is currently contesting as a woman lord councillor in Rubaga North.

Family life 

Annatalia Oze is married and she has a beautiful daughter but she doesn’t expose the name of her husband.


While still at spark TV rumour had it that Annatalia Oze was dating Miles Rwamiti a fellow employee and people started thinking that her pregnancy was for Miles but Oze refuted all these claims saying that Miles was just part of her journey.

At one-time news started making rounds that she was not Seeing Eye to eye with Zahara and that a rift had developed between the two gossip girls but Anna says they always have bad days like anybody else. 

Bottom line their friends but not close friends and life is moving on smoothly. She went ahead and said that those thinking that Zahara was replaced by Kays there out of their minds but instead the management just wanted to observe the covid restrictions.