Norbert Mao boycott 2021 elections
Mao calls upon Ugandans to boycott 2021 general elections following Besigye’s brutal arrest

Kizza Besigye’s brutal arrest: DP urges opposition leaders and Ugandans to boycott 2021 general elections

As a result of the brutal arrest of the former FDC President, Dr Kizza Besigye, the Democratic Party (DP) leader, Norbert Mao has asked fellow opposition Party heads to boycott 2021 general elections.

Mao says unfair treatment and brutality against opposition leaders by security agencies is increasing tremendously, which needs agent solution.

And according to Mao, Ugandans should use any means to bring about fundamental change and democracy in Uganda.

In a media briefing held every Tuesday at the Party’s head office located at City House Kampala, Mao said Political Party leaders from the opposition should think of arranging a meeting to decide on the way forward on the growing plague.

As DP, Mao said they are not ready to take part in the 2021 general elections because the whole election process and the country at large are under President Museveni’s arms, who he said is greedy for power.

“There is no reason for us to participate in a game that does not offer Ugandans an option. Maybe we shall do what the Congolese did to Kabila. They left Kabila alone to contest and thereafter he realised that actually if you are running alone then the all thing is bogus,” Mao thought.

“I think we should not be part of this forthcoming elections, because even if we participate and win, Museveni will be declared a winner, he is greedy for power and not willing to handover,” Mao added.

Analysing the situation, Mao said out of the many challenges Uganda face, the election cannot solve any of them if security agencies continue subjecting opposition leaders to harsh treatment and brutality in the country.

“I have been thinking that we should always participate in the election, but I don’t think the problem of Uganda will be solved through the election. I am convinced more than ever that election will not solve the problem. We have a big political problem that we must deal with it politically,” Mao said.

In Mao’s further remarks, he said Uganda’s political challenges need great thinkers and sound-minded people, who have one goal and that’s changing rather than being driven by only one individual who seeks his own ambitions.

“Mr Museveni is using all his powers to die while a leader, and to stop the opposition from exposing his weaknesses.”

However, commenting on Monday incident, Mao condemned Police harsh treatment and brutality exerted on the opposition strongman while on his way to Namboole Stadium to attend FDC leaders’ summit, scheduled for Monday 4, October 2019.

“When I look at the way Col. Kizza Besigye was brutally handled, I think that’s not right, because police are there to provide peace, but not to torture people.”

He adds that Uganda does not need reckless Police team who are careless about people’s lives, but rather Police who will protect the lives of Ugandans.

“What I saw was terrible. There is no way you can run politics like that. There was no need to throw water at Col Kizza Besigye, if he was not quick, it was going to break his neck,” Mao noted.

In Mao’s view, President Museveni’s move to appoint and honour low-class people like Bucharman, Full Figure and singer Catherine Kusasira was a drop of the level.

According to Mao, the kind of salute Museveni offered to these Ugandans were supposed to be given to the People who sacrificed their lives to fight for this country’s freedom.

“I was surprised to see Mr. Museveni saluting Bucharman, hugging Full Figure and Kusasira, yet, there are generals who were dumped without any acknowledgement. Museveni is now gifting Kusasira and Full Figure with cars and money, leaving people who fought with him, that shows a clear image of who Museveni is,” Mao said.

In his address, DP’s next plan as a result of increased Police brutality will be to strictly focus on Public Order Management Act (POMA) that frustrate freedom of gathering in Uganda, more so, opposition political parties.

Besides, Mao also asked ASP Sabiiti Muzeeyi, the Inspector General of Police to avoid partisan politics and serve Ugandans without favouring the ruling National Resistance Movement Party (NRM), because his salary is raised by the Ugandans whom they torture.

“Muzeeyi should work for us, but not for NRM government, we are the people who pay him. But how can he order for the arrest of Besigye when Full-Figure is at the same time holding a press conference in Kisenyi and Usafi market? Is it because Full Figure is nowadays Museveni’s diehard and Besigye is for the opposition? Mao wondered?

“How can journalists be beaten and arrested, because of covering Opposition stories? How will we survive in such situations, is there democracy in Uganda really?”