How is redefining Online Shopping in Uganda is a fast-growing company which offers supreme online shopping experience in Uganda. File Photo is a fast-growing company which offers supreme online shopping experience in Uganda. allows you to purchase items abroad on the biggest online stores across the world like eBay, Amazon, Macy’s, Zappos, Walmart and have them delivered instantly in Uganda

The need for fast delivery gave birth to, a local delivery company which directly imports the products purchased from one of these platforms in the US to any destination in Uganda.

How Bazebo came to life

20 years ago, exportation and importation of business items between countries were painful as a boda boda accident.

It would cost millions of money in the form of customs duty, transportation and delivering a simple product like a watch, TV set or even a small Nokia phone. Buying from the United States or the UK was only possible for the rich and well off businessmen.

There was no or scarce middlemen to connect the buyers and sellers from other countries. It was even worse in Uganda due to the long distance between East Africa and Europe or North America.

Thanks to the establishment of online platforms like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and many others. These platforms simplified business among countries since it is now easy to order for any products from a small wholesale shop in California and receive it with ease in 7 days.

These platforms are home to millions of products like Electronics, home appliances, books, farm products and so much more and they attract billions of customers around the globe who order and receive their products in different areas. Founder and CEO
Meet the team: How is redefining Online Shopping in Uganda

But due to a large number of customers who order for products on Amazon or eBay, the transportation and delivery of these products were characterized by delays and theft of these products and thus a need for a trusted and more local middleman between the local buyer and the supplier of these products.

How to get your desired item through

It’s simple, go to the website ( and create an account, then search for your desired item or product, after seeing it add it to your shopping cart.  From that point, you look at the price of the product.

You can choose to pay with Mobile money (MTN/AIRTEL) or visit Bazebo offices and pay cash. After payment, your order is placed and you receive your item in just 10 working days. 

At the moment Bazebo is shipping mainly from all USA websites but the major websites are eBay, Amazon, Macy’s, Zappos and Walmart

Bazebo brings you your desired item at the lowest price possible and in the shortest time possible with a lot of comfort and ease. is located on the second Floor Rooftop at Acacia Mall, Sturrock Road Kisementi in Kampala, Uganda. You can reach them on +256 78 773 7800 or 0200 988 988 or via email on is recommended due to its guaranteed prices and pricing systems, consolidated premier packaging which enables them to ship multiple packages into one shipment, discounted carrier rates, fast reliable mobile app, and its unmatched quick ship pledge.

They work six days a week and fast delivery is assured, have built a big and wide range of customers and were able to work on over 4000 plus clients in the past year,’s superior packing and personal care have also enabled them to win thousands of customers.

You can order for men and women shoes and clothing, smartphones, electronics, furniture from the United States of America.

Log on to and get access to a variety of items.