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best shopping malls in Kampala, Uganda
The Acacia Mall

Here are a few of the best shopping malls in Kampala Uganda with amazing locations to dine in elegance, enjoy shopping, or spend time with your family and friends.

Uganda, frequently referred to as the “Pearl of Africa,” is a land brimming with stunning landscapes, natural wonders, unique wildlife, and diverse cultures.

All of this can make it challenging to choose the ideal locations to explore in Uganda especially if this is your first visit. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best shopping malls in Kampala, Uganda as a starting point.

Here you’ll find “shopping malls near me” with restaurants, fitness centers, fashion products, home furnishing, entertainment offerings, and a whole lot more!. 

Read on to find out which are the best shopping malls in Kampala, Uganda.

The Acacia Mall

best shopping malls in Kampala

Acacia Mall, located on Cooper Road in Kampala, is a top-notch shopping location in every way. During your visit to the city, it is one of the best malls to visit.

As one of the best shopping malls in Kampala Uganda, The Acacia Mall offers a variety to shoppers such as, a sizable grocery store, home stores, a large, multi-cuisine food court where you may savor exquisite treats, home stores, health clubs, a movie theater, fine-dining restaurants, shoe and clothing stores, and several other possibilities. 

It’s one of the best shopping places in Kampala.

There opening hours are, Tue – Sat: 8:30am – 12:30am; Sun: 8:30am – 12pm; Mon: 11am – 12:30am.

Lugogo Forest Mall

Set on Kampala’s Lugogo By-Pass, Lugogo Forest Mall features some of the best products with the best values.

Foodies will enjoy visiting this mall because it has amazing restaurants that serve a variety of foods sure to tantalize the taste buds. 

It is one of the city’s main shopping areas and also has banking facilities, bars, salons, and pharmacies.

Shoppers can also check out sports goods stores, pharmacies, beauty and health parlors, exquisite fashion boutiques, and electronic shops.

Open 9 am – 7 pm (daily).

Victoria Mall Entebbe

Victoria Mall Entebbe

Victoria Mall Entebbe which is a few kilometers from Entebbe airport is a haven for shopaholics in Entebbe, Uganda. 

This mall is for you if you enjoy shopping, eating places for breakfast or dinner, telecom, and financial services, or a chic setting for date night. 

Its numerous floors are lined with several shops, marketplaces, cafes, quick food restaurants, forex offices, fitness centers, and movie theaters.

What’s the best time to visit Victoria Mall Entebbe? Anytime is best because it’s open 24 hours.

Garden City Shopping Mall

Garden City Shopping Mall

On Yusuf Lule Road in Kampala, Garden City Shopping Mall is a stylish, modern shopping center. The mall is well known for its goldfish-filled pond, intriguing water fountains, and parking space for over 500 cars. 

Here, shoppers can enjoy a variety of gift shops, upscale eateries, a large food court, banks, clothing stores, booksellers, and picture studios. 

This makes it one of the best shopping malls in Kampala, Uganda. Open 8 am – 9 pm (daily).

Village Mall Bugolobi

Village Mall Bugolobi

With the first location of the renowned fast-food company KFC, it makes a fantastic choice for a day trip. They have a Java House branch where coffee enthusiasts can take rich coffee with family and friends.

The mall almost has everything you might need, including clothes and accessory shops, salons and health spas, a gym, a sports bar, a book store, and ATMs.

Open 9 am – 7 pm (daily).

Ntinda Shopping Centre

A well-known mall in the city is Ntinda Shopping Centre. It is a branch of the famed Quality supermarket store chain located in one of Kampala’s main suburbs. 

There are many different types of stores there, including grocery stores, coffee shops, bakeries, book shops, internet service providers, superstores, video libraries, and a nightclub for the party goers. 

Open 8 am – 11 pm (daily).

Freedom City Mall

Freedom City Mall 2

Freedom City Mall is situated at Namasuba along Entebbe road, far enough from the city center’s traffic and noise but still easily accessible to all.

 There is a sizable supermarket with everything you could need for your home. Additionally, banking is excellent because there are close to nine banks located in the same shopping center, and fashion and security are all covered. 

The mall has restaurants and bars for people that want to hang out including ample parking space for vehicles. It’s almost a city of its own.

Open 7 am to 10 pm daily.

Kingdom Mall Kampala

Kingdom Mall Kampala

Located on a 14-acre plot connecting Nile Avenue, Yusuf Lule, and Dewinton Road to the north of the Central Business District, Kampala Kingdom is a mall and shopping center in the capital city of Uganda.

With offices, retail stores, a supermarket, a restaurant, and a bar, thes eye-catching and thoughtfully designed building is close to historic shopping centers like Garden City and Oasis Mall, as well as the global headquarters of organizations like Mogas, Africell, MTN, Stanbic Bank, and many others. 

Open from 8 am to 9 pm.

Ham Shopping Mall

Ham Shopping Mall

Also on our list of the best shopping malls in Kampala. Uganda is Ham Shopping Mall, located on Makerere Hill Rd. 

It’s a mall that offers lodging, entertainment, offices, and shops, and is home to Uganda’s newest Tuskys Supermarket. 

The mall is blessed with a five-star food court where you can find most international cuisines. 

Everyone from visitors to students from the neighbouring Makerere University enjoys amenities provided by Ham Towers, a new definition of the economic and hospitality/tourism sectors.

Open 8 am to 9 pm.

Aponye City Mall

Aponye City Mall

Just across from the Old Taxi Park, the Aponye City Mall is home to a variety of service providers, including the Mega Standard Supermarket, apartments, offices, retail stores, banks, forex bureaus, saloons, and more.

They are open till late.

Oasis Mall

Oasis Mall Kampala Uganda

At Yusuf Lule Road in Kampala, Uganda, you can find the Oasis Mall. They have banks, restaurants like Java House, clothing stores like Mr. Price, and grocery and laundry stores which are all easily accessible because the mall is just by the roadside.

There’s also ample parking space at the entrance and extra in the basement with enough security for shoppers to wind down their day peacefully.

Open from 9 am to 9 pm.

Ham Grounds Nakivubo

Ham Grounds Nakivubo

 Nakivubo is located in downtown Kampala. At this mall, shoppers can check out clothing stores, electronics, curios, jewelry, leather goods, and audio-visual equipment, to name a few. 

It has a broad selection of domestic and foreign brands, which ensures that everyone can find something to their taste or price range when shopping.

Open till late.

Arena Mall

arena mall kampala uganda

Consumers in the nearby neighbourhoods of Munyonyo, Muyenga, Buziga, Bunga, and other places will find Arena Mall, a top-notch retail center, along Kibuli & Nsambya roads. 

Arena Mall offers shoppers in these and other nearby neighborhoods elegance and convenience.

A food court patio, a rooftop movie theater with a panoramic view of Kampala, and two levels filled with shops, restaurants, and more are all there.

Shoppers can also find supermarkets, coffee shops, exhibition centers, offices, banks, general stores, and medical suites. Arena Mall is certainly one of the best shopping malls in Kampala, Uganda.

Lugogo Mall


Are you looking for an all-inclusive shopping experience? Lugogo Mall offers just that. There are several restaurants attached to the mall, such as Burger Hut and Café Javas

Shoppers can even cross over to the next street straight to the renowned Kyadondo. 

The Lugogo Mall has a lot of parking spaces as well. 

Akamwesi Shopping Mall

Akamwesi Shopping Mall

Shoppers will agree that Akamwesi Shopping Mall gives one of the best shopping experiences unlike most. 

This mall, located on Gayaza kasangati road has fashion boutiques, major banks, restaurants, business offices, fitness centers, health facilities, and more.

The facility offers a secure parking space, 4G free wifi lounges, On-site emergency healthcare, Breathtaking gardens & outdoor spaces, and more.

Open every day from 8 am to 11 pm.


This list just about sums up the best options for anyone looking for the best shopping malls in Kampala Uganda offering amazing locations to dine in elegance, as you enjoy the best shopping, or spend time with loved ones. 

Use this list of the best shopping malls in Uganda if you want an authentic and amazing shopping experience while you’re touring Uganda.