Chameleone Hits to Critics Over Car range rover (1)
Chameleone received a new Range Rover from President Museveni's young brother.

Jose Chameleone, a legendary musician, reacted to critics over a new range rover donation by saying he will not allow being intimidated.

Legendary musician Jose Chameleone, born Joseph Mayanja, has hit out at critics over a received range rover donation saying that he will not be intimidated.

Earlier this week, social media was washed by news of Chameleone receiving a new Range Rover from President Museveni’s young brother Nzeire Kaguta alias Toyota.

“My friend Toyota am still your friend,” said Chameleone denouncing the National Unity Platform. “I am still NRM not NUP. If you doubt it you can put on your cameras and record me,” he added. 

The hitmaker on top of that was pictured in several photos kneeling down before Toyota after presenting to him the new Range Rover.

This, however, has since received a lot of criticism more so from the NUP diehards with many quoted saying the party made the right decision of not giving him a ticket to run for the Mayorship in the January elections.

Chameleone who was, however, quick to rush to his social media platforms to defend his decision, has since responded saying that no form of criticism will intimidate him.

He said like any other person, he feels he is free to do anything as long as it makes him happy.

“We can’t all live in your opinion that is a prison. I was born free like any of us, I see many buildings and customizing others by their expectations. That’s not a free way to live together in harmony. God manifests himself in people today. The devil too,” Chameleone posted.

In addition, he raised that when he has was bedridden for the past weeks, only a few colleagues rushed to the hospital to check on him. 

Going further, he urged his followers to utilize their data on issues that add up. 

He raised that if a car has turned them on like that how about if he had been given a plane.

“Waste your data on relevancy. This is just a car. What if it was a plane? Don’t force or intimidate anyone. Just be the example of the freedom and free society promised for us one day,” he added.

A few hours after the scare, the big brand also shared a picture on his socials siding with fellow musician Bebe Cool and captioned it.

 ‘’The Godfather of the Creative Industry is Alive and Kicking. This wasn’t started today, Long time ago with so many sacrifices and built a remarkable milestone that has paved way for many talented youths beyond borders. We shall continue to serve with our utmost loyalty,” he captioned.

Meanwhile, Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has also since rushed out to support his long time friend saying that he should be respected because of the legacy he has set.

“We have a debt to Allah, one that we must pay. He gave us an opportunity to be who we are so that we can share the same opportunity with humanity. Am always proud and exceptionally happy when we meet and share memories that gave light to what most will enjoy. I will always respect you Gen Chameleon, for you deserve them, the respect,” Bebe Cool wrote.