Bebe Cool endorses Cindy Sanyu for UMA presidency
According to Bebe Cool, Cindy Sanyu is more qualified than her competitors to lead the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) in the upcoming elections. FILE PHOTO

Bebe Cool has endorsed Cindy Sanyu for the presidency of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) in the upcoming elections saying that she is more capable than her competitors.

Musician Bebe Cool has endorsed Cindy sanyu for the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) presidency in the forthcoming elections saying that she is more competent than her competitors.

“I am here to endorse Cindy Sanyu as the potential candidate for the Uganda Musicians Association because, among all leaders in the association, she is the only one who has run the association till the last day of her term,” Bebe Cool said.

He made the remarks while appearing on Sanyuka TV on Wednesday. He said from the conversations he has had with Cindy, he has realised she is a visionary leader.

He said she is also a very hardworking lady who has been to every office she needed to go to in order to put things together. 

Bebe Cool explained that this is a clear sign she can deliver even more. 

He said being that UMA is the only recognized association for musicians by the government, it is important that they elect someone who will be respected.

“There is no sector that develops without working with the Government and I told Cindy that leadership requires a lot of humility and understanding. I advised her to create a relationship with the younger artists because they are the future leaders and flag bearers of this industry,” Bebe Cool said.

“In the last 4 years of Cindy Sanyu’s reign in UMA, we have been able to establish a working partnership with Government and the ministry. However, what people see are the negatives but they never get to see the good things she has accomplished.”

In addition, he appealed to his fellows to make right decisions and choose the right leaders. He advised musicians to consider choosing candidates who have a clear understanding of the industry.

Bebe Cool who was quick to bring up the dirty talk of the other contestant, King Saha said time and again, he has told his fellow artistes to mind their image because it will matter in the future. 

“As voters, look at this industry as the face of art in Uganda and choose a leader who will represent us well internationally,” Bebe Cool told musicians.

“As Ugandans we need to put our country first not our personal interests or feelings. We have to love each other, we need to help each other and we have to advise each other. Every time you fail to bring candidates that don’t have the qualifications or an idea of what the music industry is, the industry will not move forward,” Bebe Cool added.