Commonwealth Parliamentary meeting
Democratic Party (DP) members raise questions why the Commonwealth Parliamentary meeting was held in Uganda. File Photo

Democratic Party (DP) members raise questions why the Commonwealth Parliamentary meeting was held in Uganda

Members from the Democratic Party (DP) have raised questions on why the Commonwealth Parliamentary meeting was held in Uganda.

According to members from the Green party, Uganda as a country is characterised with high rates of corruption and abuse of human rights which disqualify it from holding such sittings.

“We expect members of Parliament and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to raise these issues of human rights abuses. We expect the commonwealth to bite and we think that Commonwealth Parliamentary Association chose a wrong class to conduct this meeting,” Mike Mabikke a member of DP said while addressing a conference at the party headquarters yesterday in Kampala.

Mabikke who also called for CPA’s intervention into the matters raised stated that Uganda deserves to be evicted from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) due to the increased loopholes in ideas of democracy.

Commonwealth Parliamentary meeting
Uganda not Eligible to host 2019 Commonwealth Parliamentary conference over high rates of corruption and abuse of human rights. File Photo

Besides, Mabikke demanded that economic sanctions should be imposed on and against Uganda’s political leadership and security heads for gross violation of human rights and freedom.

“What type of club is this that can not condemn such transgression of human rights? Such transgression of fundamental freedom? Such transgression of separation of powers between different arms of government?” Mabikke stated before adding that the Commonwealth ought to do something about their issues or questions marks will be raised towards them.  

Meanwhile, other DP members like Samuel Walter Mukaaku cited the example of the former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe whose country was deprived the chance of hosting the Commonwealth Parliamentary meeting due to human right abuses.

“This conference should have been cancelled as it was in the case of Mugabe, see the political rights the dehumanisation our people. The crimes against Humanity that have just taken place all around this country starting from Kasese and elsewhere,” Mukaaku cited.

With the conference set to end on September 29, the police are more than determined to ensure it is a success with no signs of violence.

The Conference that was last hosted in Uganda more than 50 years ago has brought together 24 Speakers of Parliaments from Common Wealth member countries and more than 800 legislators.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) organises its annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) each year.

Global political issues and developments in the parliamentary system are analyzed in conference debates among leading Parliamentarians representing Parliaments and Legislatures throughout the Commonwealth. 

These plenary conferences were biennial from 1948 to 1959 and annual since 1961.

A summary of the main views expressed in conference debates is sent to Members, Commonwealth governments and international agencies.

The conference period also encompasses meetings of the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, Small Branches Members, the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) and meetings for Parliamentary Clerks and Secretaries (SOCATT).

By John Dalton Kigozi