Singer Ronald Mayinja bizeemu song
Singer Ronald Mayinja seek government approval to start up a new ministry for all artists. File Photo

Singer Ronald Mayinja seek government approval to start up a new ministry for all artists

Singer Ronald Mayinja has revealed he spoke to the President about his plans to start up a ministry of artists that will help and support the music industry.

“When I was called to shake the President’s hand, I walked there and when with him I told him of my suggestion to create a ministry for artistes,” Mayinja said in a statement.

While speaking about his meeting with President Museveni, Mayinja said that he spoke to him about his idea however, he is unsure if he (Museveni) will buy the idea to support him in starting up the ministry.

“I just hinted on it and he replied in affirmative. I am still not sure I achieved the goal of making that petition because the environment was not enabling enough for the President to get my point fully. But I will be happy if he worked on it,” Mayinja said adding that he was happy he (President) replied to his stage song at Catherine Kusasira’s concert.

Besides, Mayinja also claimed that his song was not abusive but rather it aimed at hinting on certain problems happening in the country.

“The song was not abusive; what bad thing is in it? I am happy the president gave a reply, he explained that his government is not the one facilitating crime against its people and I understand his position,” he said before praising the president for being a good listener and sober leader who is willing to work on people’s problems.

“What I know about Uganda’s president is that he is sober. He differentiates between sense and nonsense. I am sure that he knows the issues I sang about and he will work on them with his wisdom,” he added.

During Catherine Kusasira’s “Tears of a Woman” concert that was held on Friday 20th September at Serena Conference Hall, singer Mayinja sang a song titled “Bizeemu” in the presence of President Museveni.

In his song, he accuses the government of taking a back sit on many of the issues affecting the people including youths unemployment and failure to provide social services as well as charging of heavy taxes on every item.

Furthermore, his song also pinpoints to the increasing insecurity, alleged nepotism, corruption in the country and all this blaming the government in power.

This didn’t go well with President Museveni who was the main guest of honour for the concert.

He slammed the singer for spreading lies adding that unlike in the 1980s, today the killers are individuals and not the government in the power.

President Yoweri Museveni also criticised the singer Ronald Mayinja act of using music to indirectly refer to the NRM regime as a failure.

President Museveni who addressed the revellers on that day also called on musicians to desist from using their God-given talent to spread lies.

He advised them to embark on preaching positive things like promotion of peace and doing away with violence.

“I disagree with one of the singers who was saying “Bizeemu” as if to say that this NRM government is committing crimes against its people,” the president made the remarks shortly after listening and watching Ronald Mayinja performing his song “Bizzeemu” on stage.

“I advise the artistes to use their talents in ways that do not sow divisions based on lies. The government of Uganda is working against all the threats and crimes against Uganda and her people,” he added.

Besides, Museveni advised Mayinja to stop using music to distort facts and other NRM achievements adding that when they went to bush the then government killed its population on several occasions but today it is murderers killing people.

“This is what we have reaped from peaceful governance of NRM. NRM has brought for the peace that you are enjoying today in Uganda,” Museveni said.

He, however, expressed his happiness upon seeing revellers enjoying the music show peacefully without interruption adding that he is always happy to see Ugandans having a good time in a peaceful environment.

“I congratulate you singers and artistes for taking the advantage and enjoying the peace we have in the country and developing your talents. If you are in a country like Somalia, you cannot have this,” Museveni noted.

By John Dalton Kigozi