Eddy Kenzo in a frightening car accident (1)
Eddy Kenzo attributes a nasty accident to a slippery road. FILE PHOTO

Eddy Kenzo, Big Talent’s boss and a prominent Ugandan musician, was reportedly involved in a car accident Thursday.

Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo, the Big Talent Boss and a prominent Ugandan musician, was involved in an awful car accident Thursday morning.

In a video that made rounds on different social media platforms, the accident which happened around Maya, along the Kampala – Masaka highway left the musician’s car partly in pieces.

Close sources and eyewitnesses indicated that the singer was travelling to Kyotera, with two other colleagues when the sudden accident occurred.

The sources said that when the car overturned it fell in the trench next to a petrol station. One notable individual said it was after they rushed to the scene to rescue that they got to establish that it was actually Kenzo who was the victim.

“The car was really moving at a terrible speed then all of a sudden it slid off the road and overturned then smoke started coming out of it. At first we thought it was going to catch fire so we ran to the rescue and three men had sustained injuries and after looking closely I saw Eddy Kenzo,” a source said.

While questions remain about Kenzo’s current health status, the musician took to social media to console his fans, saying that despite the scary accident, he was rushed to a local clinic where he and his colleagues were able to seek medical attention. 

In a statement, Eddy Kenzo also explained what caused the nasty accident. He said the road was very slippery due to the early morning rain which caused his car, a Toyota Hilux to lose control and overturn.

“We had a frightening car accident. The road was wet and slippery due to rain and when we reached Maya theirs was a bump in the road next to Stabex Petro station that caused my car to skid in a remarkable fashion. It did a 180-degree spin in the middle of the road, facing the wrong way! We then landed in a trench next to the Petro station.

This happened today morning and all the three people in the car survived We thank the good Lord for his protection,” Kenzo wrote.

Eddy Kenzo in a frightening car accident (1)
Eddy Kenzo attributes a nasty accident to a slippery road. FILE PHOTO

This is, however, one of the many accidents that keep happening on Masaka road. 

The most recent incident happened in May this year when 14 people reportedly died after a trailer that was overtaking a bus collided head-on with the taxi heading to Kampala from Sembabule, killing 10 people on the spot and the other four succumbed to injuries in hospital.