Eddy Kenzo Sheikh Muzaata at rema kukyala ceremony
Singer Kenzo vows not to sing again in Uganda until Sheikh Muzaata apologises to him. File Photo

Ugandan Singer, BET Award winner, Edrisa Musuuza, stage name Eddy Kenzo has vowed not to sing again in any Ugandan stage until Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte apologises to him

Eddy Kenzo reaction comes after Sheikh Muzaata, a Muslim cleric made unethical and groundless statements on him, during his ex-girlfriend’s Rema Kukyala ceremony that happened in Naguru, a Kampala suburb at late Godfrey Mabirizi’s house on the 9th October 2019.

Kenzo released his resolution on the matter on Saturday 12, October in a video on his Social Media platforms.

In the video, Kenzo said that he will not sing again in Uganda not until Muzaata apologises, because his statements against him, has deeply tortured and humiliated him before his fans and the entire public.

“I apologise to everyone affected by the ongoing saga, but I didn’t mean it. I am tortured by Muzaata’s words and I don’t know how I can get onto the stage to sing for my Ugandan followers. He should come out to clear the air about what he labelled me. I won’t get onto the stage to sing in Uganda until Muzaata retracts hits statements towards me,” Kenzo stated.

Kenzo adds that ever since he began his musical career, many people have been insulting him, something he says tortures him a lot.

The ‘Sitya Loss Singer also says it hurts him when someone comes out and insults his late mother before his young children, yet as a religious leader, he would instead unite people, but not passing on judgments.

“I have always been mocked by many people since I started my singing career, that I am uneducated and that I don’t know English. I have done a lot in my music career, but many still claim am just lucky! But all this has tortured me a lot,” Kenzo said.

“When someone talks about my mother I feel bad. My children are 8 and 5 years. I feel an embarrassment. Being a religious leader should not blame me for anything,” Kenzo added.

Eddy Kenzo further revealed that he and Rema Namakula held the Islamic marriage ceremony (NIKKA), which Sheikh Muzaata is accusing him of not doing.

“Unless he is blaming me for not doing the traditional wedding or introduction, but for a religious one (NIKKA), the function was done long ago. I am tortured by Muzaata’s words. I have decided without being forced that I will never sing on a Ugandan stage until my death unless he (Muzaata) retracts his statements,” Kenzo said.

Speaking during Rema’s Kukyala ceremony, Muzaata accused Kenzo of neglecting Rema’s love for him and said she’s now taken up by someone who values her love.

He said that the two lived together for long, but Kenzo had no intentions of marrying Rema, which was wrong according to the Islamic faith.

Muzaata then said Kenzo should go and marry his mother if all he wants is to wait until a woman turns her mother’s age before arranging marriage ceremonies.

Muzaata also allegedly accused Kenzo of being a gay, statements Kenzo says hurts him a lot.

Dr Hamza Sebunya, a gynaecologist based in Mulago Hospital Kampala is Rema Namakula’s new Fiancée.

The two have already started on their marriage proceedings and already finished up with the first step into a marriage that’s Kukyala ceremony, and now awaits the grand introduction ceremony due next month.