Tumwine Ssekikubo violated law
Gen Tumwine dismisses claims of being responsible for Ssekikubo woes. File Photo

Gen Tumwine: Ssekikubo has committed so many crimes as he appeared before the Presidential Committee of Parliament

Security Minister, Gen Elly Tumwine while appearing before the Presidential Affairs Committee of Parliament has said that the Lwemiyaga legislator, Hon Theodore Ssekikubo violated the law and must face the consequences.

In the meeting, Gen Tumwine dismissed the claims by Hon Ssekikubo indicating that he’s responsible for his woes.

“The reasons are many! He has committed so many crimes involving murder, involving inciting violence, involving land, involving those are Police issues and matters of God,” Tumwine said.

Gen Tumwine speaking before the Committee said that no one has the authority to declare the sale of animals in districts that are still under quarantine apart from the line ministry.

“It’s not the role of any individual, to manage, to talk, to implement, to enforce where quarantine is. It’s the duty of the ministry of animal industry,” Tumwine said.

Tumwine informed the Committee that Ssekikubo’s current predicament is because he continually committed many crimes that include murder cases.

“He shot a Major when he came to that case when he was brought to court that man was even attacked,” Tumwine said.

Ssekikubo who was re-arrested on Wednesday 15th, January 2020 was released yesterday by Court on Bail and vowed to continue fighting for his people.

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His re-arrest was based on accusations of inciting violence among residents.

This was just a day after he was released on bail, and on Thursday, 16th, January 2020 he was arraigned in court before Masaka Chief Magistrate, Deogratius Ssejjemba, charged with inciting violence and later on released him on bail.

But in the morning, Ssekikubo supporters arrived at Masaka Police Station demanding an explanation over his re-arrest. But Police were ready for them as they took positions to make sure that no one takes the law into their own hands.

When Ssekikubo left court, he assured his supporters that no one will intimidate him and vowed to fight tooth and nail against someone who stops him against fighting for his electorates.

“Never will I ever keep quiet; I will rather be buried than keeping quiet. The only office of an MP is the tongue, and I remain true to my tongue, I will speak what’s good for my people without fear or favour,” Ssekikubo vowed.

Among the legislators who stood as sureties include; Hanifah Kawooya of Ssembabule District, Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba of Masaka Municipality and each bonded a non-cash bail of 15m shillings.

Theodore Ssekikubo attempted murder
MP Theodore Ssekikubo faces attempted murder charges allegedly committed in 2010. File Photo

Ssekikubo was first arrested last week on Friday morning 10th, January 2020, amidst a scuffle between Police and herdsmen who attempted to force their way into Lwemiyaga cattle market and sell their animals.

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The scuffle followed a week after Police closed the market due to a reported outbreak of cattle Mouth and Foot disease that struck the area.

But Ssekikubo and other herdsmen claimed that the quarantine placed on Lwemiyaga County was wrong because the area is free from Foot and Mouth Disease.

They as well said that some areas of the district that are under quarantine have been allowed to continue selling their animals products like milk and ghee, which is discriminatory.

Ssekikubo has since blamed his current woes on Gen Elly Tumwine, the Security Minister of enforcing the quarantine to create a monopoly and gain more profits from cattle sales along with his business allies at the expense of local livestock farmers.

Ssekikubo claims that although there hasn’t been any confirmed case of the foot and mouth disease in Lwemiyaga County, security agencies have insisted on closing cattle markets in total disregard of the provision of the Animal Disease Act that only mandates the Commissioner Animal Health to issue such directives.

First charges on Ssekikubo at Masaka Central Police Station were assault, inciting violence and malicious damage to property which were dropped on Sunday 12th and preferred the earlier cases committed in August 2010 during the ruling NRM Party Primaries at the time Ssekikubo was contesting against Patrick Nkalubo.

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The offences include obstructing Police Officers on duty, engaging in acts calculated to cause death, inciting violence, causing physical injuries to voters, unlawful possession of firearms, destruction of NRM Party properties that includes pens and basins.