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Tusker Cider is a local beverage that has recently been introduced to the market in Uganda. It’s easy to drink, yet rich in taste.

The latest news in the beverage industry is Uganda Breweries Limited’s interest in launching Tusker Cider in Uganda. 

The alcoholic beverage is made from locally grown apples and is available for UGX 3,500 at a recommended retail price. 

You can purchase it at various online stores like Jumia, Kikuubo Online, SafeBoda, supermarkets, distributors, stockists, and different bars in the country. 

Because of its unique product and local production, Tusker Cider is expected to create a steady market for local farmers.

The company has been present in the country since 1946 and enjoys a 48% share of the market. 

The growing population and the shift from informal to formal alcohol consumption are key market trends in Uganda. 

In January 2022, Tusker Premium Cider was launched in Uganda. It was the first hard apple cider to be made in the country. 

Made from only the best quality apples, it delivers an unmistakably fruity flavour and a crisp finish. The beverage is lightly carbonated for a super refreshing drink and a subtle natural sweetness. 

The beer is available in 330ml bottles and 500ml cans and has the highest ABV in the region.

Local raw materials program

Taste of tusker premium cider (1)
She was also unveiled as the brand’s ambassador.

Uganda Breweries Limited launched its Tusker Cider, an alcoholic beverage made from apples, in the country. 

The event was attended by customers, UBL management, stakeholders and public sector actors. 

The company’s Local Raw Materials program aims to create a robust supply chain and empower smallholder farmers. 

It began more than two decades ago and has injected over UGX 45 billion into the local economy, supplying inputs to over 30,000 farmers and aiming to source 100% of its raw materials from local sources by 2030. 

This initiative will focus on creating a steady market for Ugandan apples. 

Uganda Breweries Limited has many innovative products in the adult beverage sector, including Uganda Waragi Coconut and Pineapple, Bond 7 Honey, Gordons Pink, Baileys Delight, and now the locally-produced Tusker Cider. 

Cider is available at a recommended retail price of UGX 3,500 and can be purchased online through multiple e-commerce platforms and distributors as well as at various bars throughout the country.

The product is a refreshing beverage with a subtle natural sweetness. Whether you’re looking for an apple cider, fresh cider is sure to satisfy your taste buds and make your day.

Taste of Tusker Premium Cider

Tusker Cider uganda ambassador sheila salta (1)
She was also unveiled as the brand’s ambassador.

The launch of Tusker Premium Cider in Uganda was a huge success for its producers, Uganda Breweries Limited. The alcoholic beverage is a fresh and exciting addition to the brand’s portfolio. 

The event featured the official launch of the brand in Uganda and included a variety of engaging activities, including a performance by local singer Azawi

As the night economy was just getting started in Uganda, many attendees were excited to get a taste of the alcoholic beverage.

At the unveiling, Emmy Hashakimana, director of marketing and innovation at UBL, said, “Tusker Cider delivers a rich fruity flavour with a sharp crisp finish that is lightly carbonated, very refreshing with a subtle natural sweetness – all designed to excite your taste buds as you celebrate life every day. It is the first cider to be locally sourced and produced in East Africa, making it a unique opportunity for us to build a deeper connection with our consumers.”

The event, which was apple-themed, included various games, challenges, and prizes. It was hosted by Sheila Salta, a renowned TV presenter and MC. 

She was also unveiled as the brand’s ambassador. 

The brand is available at various stockists, distributors, and supermarkets throughout Uganda.

Tusker Lager is the flagship of this brand, which is a 5% malt premium lager, 4% light lager, and 4.5% apple cider. It is sold in cans and in selected outlets. 

A bottle will be enough to satisfy up to four adults. The beverage is also available in 50-litre Keg format in Uganda and 500ml brown bottles in Kenya.

The beer is made using the Pilsner brewing process, which originated in Eastern Europe.