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K9 aid arrest of aggravated robbery rape suspects
Police at Kawempe, working with the K9 unit, have in custody four suspects in an aggravated case of robbery and rape.

Several suspects involved in an aggravated case of robbery and rape are in custody with the help of the territorial police at Kawempe and the K9 unit.

The territorial Police at Kawempe working with the K9 unit have in custody four suspects reportedly behind an aggravated case of robbery and rape.

In a statement dated April, 26th 2022, Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy police spokesperson said the suspects were arrested on Monday, April 25 and their case was registered at Kanyanya Police station.

He said that upon investigations, it was established that these panga-wielding thieves broke into the home of a 23-year-old woman in the Kawempe division and took off with her property on top of harassing her sexually.

‘’It is alleged that at about 12 am, 2 Panga wielding thugs broke into the home of a 23-year-old woman in Kitambuza Zone, Kawempe Division, robbed and sexually assaulted the victim who was staying alone,’’ Owoyesigyire mentioned that after this woman had reported this case to the police, a K9 dog was brought and it directed them to a structure where these suspects were hiding.

‘’The victim reported the matter to Police. Officers from Kawempe Police working with K9 introduced Boela dog which helped track down the suspects for a distance of 250m from the crime scene. The dog entered a structure that was harbouring four men who were arrested immediately after the victim’s identification,’’ he said.

He added that the woman was able to identify the suspects by the clothes they were wearing during the incident. The four suspects include Katabi Joseph, Sserwada Mike, Musana John who was hiding inside the ceiling board and another one only identified as Musunguzi.

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The police spokesperson further said upon lawful search of their premises, they recovered knives, pangas and suspected narcotic substances. He raised that through investigations, it also established that the thugs gained access to the victim’s home by jumping over the fence and unbolting her door.

‘’They are currently detained at Kawempe Police station. She was robbed of money amounting to 850,000 shillings, a phone and a laptop before they sexually assaulted her. The gated houses where she was staying had a security guard but unfortunately, the guard claims not to have heard anything,’’ he raised.

‘’He has also been brought in for questioning. We want to thank Boela for the resolve in tracking down the assailants. The suspects will be arraigned in courts of law as soon as investigations are complete,’’ he added.