Museveni Farming can create 50 million jobs
The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has questioned the integrity of many Ugandans by saying some prefer to sell off all their land to go to work overseas rather than use that land to transform their lives.

Yoweri Museveni has questioned the integrity of many Ugandans, noting that many people would rather sell off all their land so they can go work abroad rather than use it to transform their lives.

President Yoweri Museveni has questioned the integrity of many Ugandans saying someone would rather sell off all their land to go work abroad other than use the same land to transform their lives.

Museveni made the remarks at the fifth Memorial Lecture of the former State Attorney General Joan Namazzi Kagezi who was murdered seven years ago. 

He said despite the government’s endeavours to sensitize Ugandans, many of them have remained engaged in subsistence farming, a reason he cites why many think agriculture is a waste of time.

He said with farming, an individual can easily create over 50 million jobs but because of the neocolonial effect, many individuals feel comfortable selling off their land to travel to the outside world to hustle. 

‘’We do not want our children to go abroad and work as Bapakasi, but we have a neo-colonial mentality. Someone would rather sell 5 acres to go and work abroad, yet we are preaching about how one can use 4 acres to transform from subsistence to commercial agriculture. Since 1996, we have been preaching against Land Fragmentation,’’ Museveni said.

‘’I know we have destroyed the land but the little we have can still be used for selective enterprises that bring in income. 4 acres are enough for intensive agriculture; for poultry, piggery, dairy and food crops. People with enough land can practice extensive agriculture and create more jobs for our children who are going abroad to look for employment in a harsh environment. We can create over 50m jobs from agriculture alone,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, this year’s Joan Kagezi memorial lecture was organized under the theme “Human Trafficking Challenge: Addressing Emerging Trends”. Speaking about the late, Museveni said it is something good that the country continues to remember late Kagezi for her distinguished service and patriotism. 

He, however, challenged the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Ms Jane Frances Abodo to resurrect the search for her killers to bring justice to the family.

Museveni said the state has for long known that the killers are hiding abroad. He told Justice Abodo to devise means on how they can be returned into the country and charged.

‘’I know the story, these killers were identified, they were seen clearly. We should go after them abroad where they are hiding. So, I was asking my girl there in CID, Grace Akullo what happened, ‘…ooh, we are still what what…transboundary;’ what Susan (Justice Susan Okalany) was saying,’’ Museveni directed that if possible they can be charged from the country where they are hiding.

‘’If it is transboundary if they say that we can’t bring back that person here because we are killers (still having the death penalty on law books), okay, you try him there, is that allowed? Why can’t this person be tried there and be sentenced to prison for life,’’ he directed.

Kagezi, the lead prosecutor in the trial of 15 men accused of a deadly twin bomb attack by Al-Shabaab was intercepted as she drove home and shot dead in March 2015 in Kiwatule. 

Seven years down the road, no formidable suspects have been charged and the earlier seven who had been detained on the same matter were released because there was no evidence likening them to the death of the former Attorney General.