Rebecca Kadaga describes Jacob Oulanyah
In her eulogy, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga says the late Jacob Oulanyah completed the work of Parliament despite his long sickness.

Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has eulogized the late Jacob Oulanyah, saying that despite his long-term illness, he always managed to accomplish the work of Parliament.

The former Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has eulogized the late Jacob Oulanyah saying that despite his long time sickness, he has always fulfilled the work of Parliament.

Kadaga made the remarks on Tuesday during a special Parliamentary sitting in honour of the late Speaker. She said she got to know of Oulanyah’s sickness at the time when she was still Speaker of Parliament.

Kadaga who is now the current First Deputy Prime Minister revealed that the deceased was for long in and out of the country on matters of sickness.

The Kamuli county MP said during her reign as Speaker, there was a time when parliament was running out of time to debate on the issue of new cities going into the elections.

Because he had chaired the previous parliamentary sittings on the matter then, she saw it necessary for the late to continue handling the case.

Kadaga however, recalls that when she tried reaching out to him, she could not find him.

 “In 2019, I realised Oulanyah was not well, I was looking for him as the House was going for Christmas recess and there were some items I wanted on the order paper like the motion on the new cities,” Kadaga said.

Adding that when she finally got him, Oulanyah disclosed that he was unwell to handle the matter at the time.

“And when I found him he told me that he was not well. He said he had just been operated on. I asked which operation and he said it was an appendix operation,” Kadaga revealed.

Three days later she says the late Oulanyah sent her office notice that he was travelling out of the country and he would not explain why.

“On December 29, 2021, he said he had come back but he wanted to go out again. He came back, and worked for a few days. Then I got another letter and he said he was going to Germany to visit all the federal states of Germany. I was puzzled why he should spend six weeks in Germany. He did not answer but days later he had left,” Kadaga told Parliament.

“It is at this point that I went to see the President and tell him that there was something wrong with Oulanyah. I realised he could have been undergoing something he was not free to mention. All along he had been ill,” she added.

She, however, stressed that despite his worrying health state, Jacob Oulanyah was very committed to Parliamentary work.