Alupo Omoro Cancer Institute in honor of late Speaker Oulanyah (1)
On Tuesday, Vice President Alupo spoke during a special Parliamentary session honoring the late Speaker, and she described Oulanyah as a devoted, exceptional leader that the nation will find difficult to replace. FILE PHOTO

As a tribute to the late Jacob Oulanyah, Vice President Jessica Alupo has called upon the Ministry of Health to ensure the construction of a cancer institute in the Omoro district that was started by him is completed.

The Vice President of Uganda, Jessica Alupo has called on the Ministry of Health to ensure the construction of a cancer institute in Omoro District that was started by the late Jacob Oulanyah is completed in honour of his name.

Vice President Alupo made her remarks Tuesday during a special Parliamentary session in memory of the late Speaker, Oulanyah. Alupo suggested that Oulanyah was a devoted and exceptional leader who would be hard to replace.

She raised that as a way of remembering him for his committed service, the health ministry should put more focus on finishing the construction of a cancer institute in honour of the late.

“Oulanyah was keen on the construction of this cancer institute in Omoro District. I urge the Ministry of Health to ensure that the cancer institute is completed in honour of Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah,” Alupo said.

“His leadership greatly contributed to strengthening of adherence to the rule of law, Parliamentary practice, political tolerance, the spirit of humanity “Ubuntu” and encouraged cohesion amongst different shades of opinion,” she added eulogising the late Speaker.

Meanwhile, other Parliamentarians including the former Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga also uttered strong statements in honour of the late.

On her side, Kadaga said Oulanyah was always very committed to the work of Parliament despite his long time sickness. She, however, revealed that she got to know of Oulanyah’s sickness at the time when she was still Speaker of Parliament.

Kadaga who is now the current First Deputy Prime Minister said in 2019, she needed her deputy (Oulanyah) to lead the House in debating the issue of new cities because Parliament was due to break off for the Christmas recess but he was nowhere to be seen at that time.

She told parliament that when she found him (Oulanyah), he told her he was not well after an appendix operation. Three days later she said the late sent her office notice that he was travelling out of the country and he would not explain why.

“On December 29, 2021, he said he had come back but he wanted to go out again. He came back, and worked for a few days. Then I got another letter and he said he was going to Germany to visit all the federal states of Germany. I was puzzled why he should spend six weeks in Germany. He did not answer but days later he had left,” Kadaga told Parliament.

“It is at this point that I went to see the President and tell him that there was something wrong with Oulanyah. I realised he could have been undergoing something he was not free to mention. All along he had been ill,” she added.

Meanwhile, before Kadaga rose to speak, the health minister, Dr Ruth Aceng had read the postmortem report from Seattle, the United States where the late died while receiving treatment. 

She said the deceased succumbed to multi-organ failure

“The immediate cause of death was a multi-organ failure. The heart failed, the lungs failed, the liver failed and the kidney failed. The kidney and heart failed while in Seatle. He also had multiple bacterial infections while still here and viral infections while in Seattle. The treatment for viral infections further suppressed the bone marrow,” she read.