Kiwanda Defends miss curvy in parliament, refuses to apologise
Minister Godfrey Kiwanda

State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda has declined calls from some MPs ordering him to apologise to the public for demeaning women through his miss curvy project.

Addressing parliament on the ongoing controversies surrounding the project, Kiwanda says it’s a potential area for tourism.

He however, contravened Hon Pamela Kamogo, the chairperson Uganda Women Parliamentary Association request to have him explain the motive behind the curvy contest.

“The wonderful land that God has given us, we are gifted by nature. We are only grateful to God, by doing such is another way of thanking God because we appreciate that God has created us as special people. This is special land.”

Kiwanda continued to say that the contest is meant to appreciate Uganda’s beauty adding that previous pageants have focussed only on skinny women. And so, there’s need to appreciate God on the other side.

“when I said that curvy women will attract tourists. I didn’t mean that I will parade women as I was misquoted by the press. Just like other activities and pageants, this pageant will also attract tourists.”

The ministers statement raised mixed reactions amongst legislators.

Cecilia Ogwal the Dokolo District Women MP stated that Hon Kiwanda must apologise for organising the miss Curvy competition that demean women.

Elizabeth Kalungi, Kanungu woman MP, seconded Kiwanda’s project saying that other beauty contests that are grounded on western culture but miss curvy will help promote African beauty.

“I want to encourage Kiwanda to go ahead with this pageant because there are people who appreciate fat and curvy women.”

In a period of one week, 140 well-endowed women have so far registered for the project that is set for June.