Major General Kasirye Ggwanga biography
Who is Major General Kasirye Ggwanga?

Who is Major General Samuel Wasswa Kasirye Ggwanga? Flash Uganda Media looks at his Biography, Early Life, Education, Family, House, Political Career, Army and Retirement of a retired Ugandan military officer.

Major General Samuel Wasswa Kasirye Ggwanga (RIP), is a Ugandan retired senior military officer in the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), a perfect catapult shooter, a wonderful traditional hunter, a delinquent man since his childhood, a farmer, a very egocentric character, best known for words like give me a break and one of the generals President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni honours and respects. 

Make mention of his name and you will be sure to get a wealth of description about the beholder. He’s arrogant, proud, lose talker, down to earth, straightforward, brave, cantankerous, intelligent, simple, having a great sense of humour, the only general without military escorts, known for canning policemen, shooting in case you mess up with him and many more.

Kasirye Ggwanga is a very tough man, and when dealing with him you got to be careful not to mess up with him because he cannot hesitate to slap you, cane you or rather shoot at you. He’s a good person but changes so suddenly.

Ggwanga does not like people neither does he have friends. He says all his childhood friends died and friend you get at adulthood just want to gain from you, he says. However, some people love and admire him while others hate him.

But at the end of the day, it is a question of who is saying what about him and from what point of view. Here is all you need to know about the fierce man whom many refer to as a Lion, particularly those residing close to his Camps.

He was previously incarcerated as a prisoner of war for 897 days, inside both Uganda at Luzira prison and Tanzania. Kasirye Ggwanga narrates that he went through an inferno to reach where he is today, very far and that’s why he doesn’t want anybody to mess up with him.

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga – Biography, Early Life and Education

Retired Major General Kasirye Ggwanga was born in 1952, in Mubende District, to Yovani Kasirye who was a hunter and farmer. Kasirye Ggwanga learned both skills from his father and is still good at both.

From childhood, Ggwanga says he was a disaster waiting to happen. On the first day he joined the school, he thoroughly beat up a huge boy who tried to tease him. By doing this, he earned himself the respect of everybody in class because that boy had been bullying them for quite a while.

The young stubborn Kasirye Ggwanga became a commander of a group of boys named terror squad. They started the group to stop other boys from bullying them.

They used catapults and dogs to fight off the bullies, including attacking a village and sniff out stubborn characters. They used to sit in the bush and draw battle plans, after which they would move to attack the stubborn youth, and his madness made him very popular in his village.

They started calling him our man. Ggwanga was no joke since his childhood. Until today, Ggwanga still carries a catapult. This time, it is not for hitting delinquent youth, but for scaring off wild birds and monkeys.

Little did Ggwanga know that by being called the commander of a squad of boys, he was nurturing a career that has characterized his entire life?

Ggwanga’s squad used to carryon other bad activities like raiding shambas to steal jack fruit, mangoes and sugarcanes in the community.

However, Kasirye even with all his bravado was afraid of his father, Yovani Kasirye. He used to beat him up whenever he received information that he had engaged in this or that mischief, Gwanga recalls.

At one time, he spent a full year leaving home for school, yet he never reached school. Then his father got wind of it. He beat him up thoroughly to the extent that his entire body became as swollen as a sack of avocado, he recalls.

Perhaps, having gotten a fairly rough upbringing from his parents, Kasirye was determined to give a wonderful upbringing to his children.

Ggwanga grew up in a family of more than 15 children and there was no need for their father to hire labourers to work on the family shamba. They used to do it and he was a very hardworking child at home.

His father was a good hunter. This is where he learnt the hunting skills from because he used to get his hunting bug to go hunting with father every Saturday. Facing wild animals increased Ggwanga’s bravado, sometimes he used to hunt alone with his dogs and until today he still owns dogs.

His father sold puppies at Shs100 to educate him. From childhood, Ggwanga was a truant pupil who was consulted on anything by everybody. He hustled with odd jobs to buy knives and put them underneath his belt, all these reflect who he is today he was born a soldier.

 “I began fending for myself at five years. I taught myself to read before even enrolling at school and that’s why I read so much literature.” His hobbies rotated around making catapults to shoot at birds and despite being the dirtiest pupil, he enjoyed putting red pepper in jigger wounds of his peers. 

After primary school, Ggwanga left the village and joined Kibuli S.S in Kampala, where he completed his S.4 drawing inspiration from an elder brother who excelled from Kibuli S.S. In Kampala, he was among the most happening students. He loved dancing and watching football.

Ggwanga passed S.4 highly but decided to stop studying and do something else. He joined the armed forces in 1972, at 20 years, being recruited by Brigadier Bogere at the present day Bulange.

Ggwanga attended Katakala Primary School and Namukoni Primary School present-day Mityana S.S for his primary school and then Kibuli Secondary School for his O-Level education.

From Kibuli, Ggwanga went to the United States of America and joined an Army Training College in Pennsylvania State under American scholarship. Among the people who sat the interviews, he was the one who excelled because of his educational background.

Some of his colleagues failed because they were illiterate. Ggwanga says his name was pinned in the hall of fame in the army camp in Pennsylvania. 

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga – Work and Experience 

Rtd Major General Kasirye Ggwanga began working soon after he finished S.4 serving in the Uganda Army in 1972 during Idi Amin’s regime. He says life is about you. There are lessons to learn, if you learn them you become successful, he adds he as wells worked as a doctor while in the battle treating fellow injured soldiers.

Ggwanga says his gun is there to kill but only professionally. His gun, stick and dog do not miss out in his car when travelling, particularly for defence purposes in case you mess out with him.

He’s a man with indelible memories of army service under former Uganda’s President Idi Amin Dada. 

“That was a real professional army. We enjoyed being soldiers and had the best welfare!” he tells debunking talk of Amin having killed over 350,000 people. 

Ggwanga says he’s surviving with a bullet inside his arm; it was never removed because if they did, he would lose the sensation on his arm. However, he says he lives a normal life because it got healed.

Following boot camp and initial training, he was posted to Arua in the West Nile sub-region, as a map reader, serving in that capacity until 1977.

In 1978, he was promoted to the position of an artillery officer and the following year, he was promoted to the rank of staff sergeant.

When war broke out, Ggwanga was in West Nile. 

However, he was deployed at the frontline as a field artillery commander. He fought gallantly serving a lot of odds directed against them. One of these odds was corruption and lack of seriousness by the commanders.

Ggwanga recalls an incident when he called for more shells for his artillery batteries at the frontline. His seniors either feared to take them to the frontline at Masaka or were not serious.

He came to their offices at Lugogo and picked the shells. When he looked at their faces, he saw a terrified lot.

In 1978, the Tanzanian People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) invaded Uganda. In April they captured Kampala and deposed Idi Amin. Kasirye Ggwanga surrendered and was taken to Tanga, Tanzania, as a prisoner of war number 17341.

After Amin defeat, he was arrested as a prisoner of war and put in prison both in Uganda and in Tanzania for 897 days. On their way to Tanzania, he recalls an incident that has stayed in his mind all these years. “As we were being taken through Nakulabye, a woman spat at me and shouted that I should be killed. I looked at the woman and wondered why I should be killed. She said I was a killer,” he recalls.

Kasirye later discovered that although he was never involved in any act of terror against Ugandans, his colleagues, especially those in the city, had harassed and killed a lot of people.

“The prison conditions were very harsh, so many of my colleagues died there. Their bodies were never returned to Uganda,” he says. Kasirye is very tough, but as he says this, tears well in his eyes. This was the most trying moment of his entire life.

“These memories simply can’t go away. Can you imagine watching your colleague rot away? You are joking man. You Ugandans hate a lot. That is why I ignore you because I am a survivor,” he says.

After his release, he was prepared to settle into private life again. He got disorganized so much so that he swore to settle down and rehabilitate himself. However, something annoyed him. “I was determined to live a normal life I had ventured into maize milling business,” he recalls “but when these people (Obote regime) killed my brother, I decided to go out and revenge,” he says.

His brother was killed for refusing to reveal his whereabouts and so he joined the army to avenge his brother’s death.

He started operating individually, like a one-man army. He used to ambush those men and teach them a lesson. He later joined Kayiira’s UFM (Uganda Freedom Movement), but lack of coordination and disorganization within the UFM saw him join the NRA.

“I had been hearing about him (Museveni) and I wanted to see him face to face!” he asserts.

Gen Kasirye Ggwanga speaks of his golden days in the army with pride. “My life is dangerous; I joined the army in 1972 when I was just 20-years-old. The then-president Idi Amin Dada posted me in the West Nile. I was with Brigadier Gen Mark Kodili Ayiasi and by far, we were the youngest. In 1979 I was arrested in Tanzania. Gen Kodili is one of the few honest and professional army officers I have worked with. No wonder he is a Sandhurst-trained army officer.”

In June 1980, President Godfrey Binaisa negotiated the return of the political prisoners to Uganda. They were first housed at Maluku Prison in Mbale District.

Later, they were moved to Kirinya Prison, Jinja District. On 7 October 1981, Kasirye Ggwanga was in the first batch to be released.

Three months after Kasirye Ggwanga’s release, the Uganda Freedom Army (UFA) rebels led by Andrew Kayiira attacked the army barracks at Mengo Lubiri in Kampala.

The government in power at the time, led by Milton Obote of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) mistakenly thought that the recently released prisoners (former Idi Amin soldiers) were involved in the attack. Kasirye Ggwanga was placed on the “wanted list”. He went underground.

His elder brother, Lieutenant James Kasirye, a military pilot then based at Nakasongola Military Air Base, was arrested and tortured, then killed when he refused to identify where his brother Kasirye Ggwanga was hiding.

To avenge the killing of his brother, Kasirye Ggwanga joined the UFA rebels, then about 650 in number to topple Obote’s government. This group operated in the Mawokota and Mubende areas in Buganda region.

In 1985, he left UFA and joined Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s National Resistance Army (NRA), with other UFM officers including Gen. Hussein Adda (rtd), Gen Kodili (rtd) which captured power in January 1986 now the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the ruling party in Uganda. During the drive to capture Kampala, Kasirye Ggwanga commanded a 120mm artillery unit.

However, Ggwanga regrets joining UFA “I regret joining Uganda Freedom Movement (UFM) the day Andrew Kayiira (RIP) run away from us. At that time the rebellion was at its apex. We were told our leader was in the US eating sausages with Americans while the boys in the jungles died like grasshoppers.”

Between 1986 and 2005, he served in several roles including as the LC5 chairman for Mubende District where he called himself governor and made a fundamental change as far as agriculture is concerned by arguing people to practice agriculture and as the director of stores in the UPDF. On 31 January 2005, he was retired from the UPDF at the rank of brigadier.

However, after three months outside military service, Ggwanga returned to the military and asked to be re-instated. The UPDF Commander-in-chief allowed him to rejoin on a renewable contract of five years.

He was promoted to the rank of Major General by President Museveni in 2018. Outspoken on Uganda’s military and political scene, Kasirye Gwanga is one of 1384 officers and militants promoted on March 3 by the Commander in Chief Gen. Museveni following recommendations of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) Commission Board.

Ggwanga has had a controversial but colourful military career that started as Staff Sergeant in the Idi Amin regime.

He has been LC-V chairman for Mubende before but was most recently in the news in an incident where he burnt the tractor in a dispute over land.

He is a commercial farmer and owns two farms; one in Mubende District, and another in Mukono District that measures 200 acres (0.81 per square km which he refers to as his Camp David One and Two respectively.

Ggwanga shoot Catherine Kusasira’s car
Ggwanga shoot Catherine Kusasira’s car.

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga sells the disputed house

A row over a disputed piece of land measuring 0.35 acres in Lukuli Makindye escalated following the alleged sale of the said property by Maj. Gen Kasirye Ggwanga in 2018.

The presidential advisor on Buganda Affairs has for more than a decade been fighting for the land and has on several occasions’ resisted efforts to be evicted from the property valued at more than Shs1.5billion.

The dispute pits Kasirye Ggwanga against long-term adversaries Mown Construction Ltd, the company which also claims ownership of the land in question. The controversy sucked in KCCA as well as neighbours.

It was revealed that Kasirye Ggwanga sold both his legally acquired land and the one in dispute recently and the buyer, in turn, razed down parts of the structure and the tree plantation around it.

Following the wrangles, armed plainclothesmen were deployed to guard the contested piece of land not allowing access to it by any person not even taking photos.

When contacted by the media, Kasirye Ggwanga didn’t deny selling off the land but declined to give details.

“It’s my house; how is it your concern? I sold it because it had become too old. Now, I’m in Kyaggwe doing developmental things, you should come and see what we are doing other than writing stories that don’t help our people at all.”

A neighbour who preferred anonymity said the cutting down of trees was a sign of impunity adding that a group of men with armed protection cut down all trees in the neighbourhood without any consideration to the boundaries of the land.

While an official from the KCCA’s Environment Management Unit got involved and said that the authority is assessing the situation to find out whether there was a violation of the city’s environmental quality compliance.

The genesis of the scandal 

Rtd Major General Kasirye Ggwanga entered the contested house in 1990 as a tenant for Owalla Home Investments Ltd and Mown Construction Ltd but allegedly defaulted on payment. In 2006, attempts to evict him failed because he claimed the house belonged to the army.

However, in his dated June 21 2013, Maj. Gen Wilson Mbadi, the UPDF joint chief of staff, denied that the house belonged to the army.

“The matter in contention is entirely a private issue between your client Mown Construction Ltd and Maj. Gen Kasirye Ggwanga….the UPDF, as an institution, does not condone such acts of indiscipline and equally advises that the services of the court bailiffs be sought to ensure that your client repossesses this property in good time,” Mbadi’s letter says in part.

Armed with this letter, bailiffs backed up by police moved to evict Ggwanga but he repulsed them. Later, President Museveni intervened and pledged to pay off the claimants. Since then, nothing has materialized until Ggwanga moved to sell it.

Stunned Kasirye Ggwanga holds a lease on block 273 plot 732 from Buganda Land Board. However, he also took possession of a private mailo on block 261 plot 428 which he legally acquired.

Charles Odere, the lawyer for Mown Construction, said they were taken aback by the actions of Gwanga to sell off the land yet State House hasn’t paid them even a penny in compensation.

Odere insists BLB has leased land in block 261 plot 428 to Kasirye Gwanga. “We had discussions with the State House legal officer Florence Kiconco and she said the president didn’t want his office to be humiliated by being evicted. She said the government was going to buy the house for Kasirye Ggwanga but we last heard from them in 2016.”

When contacted, Don, Wanyama, the senior presidential spokesperson; said he was not familiar with that case. “I don’t know about that case; I need to first crosscheck. You’re telling me about it for the first time, let me first speak to our land people and find out,” Wanyama said.

Odere said they want Kasirye Ggwanga and those who allegedly bought the land to desist from undertaking any activity on the land until its ownership dispute is settled.

They wrote a letter to Kampala Capital City Authority requesting them to halt any development on the land.

“It has been brought to our client’s notice that some unscrupulous individuals purporting to claim an interest in part of our client’s aforesaid land are in the process of carrying out construction upon the same….we seek the indulgence of your office to intervene and halt forthwith the commencement of any illegal construction upon the said plot of land without our client’s consent and in the absence of the prerequisite approval from the authority,” the letter says in part.

Odere also added they are considering legal action against Ggwanga, a man best known for controversy and open-mindedness.

Buganda Land Board Position

Speaking, Denis Bugaya, the spokesperson for BLB, reiterated that Ggwanga indeed has a 49-year running lease on their land but said they were also disturbed by allegations that he had sold it to a third party without their knowledge and consent.

“We heard about the sale in rumours but we haven’t received any information regarding any transaction on that plot of land,” he said.

Under normal circumstances, you are supposed to get consent transfer from the landlord before you transfer ownership of your lease to someone else.

Maj. Gen Kasirye Ggwanga retirement Country Homes; Camp David Africa 1 & 2

Rtd. Maj. Gen. Wasswa Kasirye Gwanga, in 2019 revealed his palatial country home where he says he wants to be buried when God calls him to superintend over security in his heavenly gardens.

This was after he retired from the army in 2018 after 47 years of serving in the army. Kasirye Ggwanga has two country homes, one is Camp David One and another is Camp David Two. Camp David Two is where he built his palatial home in Mityana District, about 20kms from Mityana Town.

Kasirye Ggwanga says he would like to be buried at his country home (Camp David Two), which he has built using his retirement package he received recently after he retired from active army service.

Ggwanga lives a quiet life at his Mityana farm where he has built a two-bedroomed retirement house. However, at the mention of the tittle retired Major General, what you expect is a big mansion, but at the look of things, it seems different from the retired General. 

His is an isolated circular house in the forest which he shares with his two dogs with a clear view of Lake Wamala.

“This is my house, but being a news reporter I know my house is going to be your major area of interest. I can build a better house in the city, but what for. This is simple but it contains everything Kampala Serena Hotel can have.”

Kasirye Ggwanga’s house has full-time DSTV; he can watch BBC, CNN Al-Jazeera and can communicate with whomever he wants to around the world. As a retired general, Kasirye Ggwanga is currently interesting himself in writing books, travelling the world and his farm.

Separate investigations indicate that the general bagged over shs200m as his retirement package though he refused to confirm when asked about it. 

It was also revealed that Kasirye Ggwanga had no Bank loans at the time of taking his retirement. He has never taken any Bank loan in his life, the only loans he has been taking is a salary loan from his employer (Army) which they cut every month, but again, he never had any at the time of his retirement.

However, he says salary loans put him in a better position to prepare for his retirement. “A salary loan is way better than other loans because you do not feel its impact as money is being deducted directly from your salary before you know the salary is complete.”

Kasirye Ggwanga advised fellow soldiers on taking Bank loans. “Many of our officers when they retire, hardly one year they die or completely ‘fade off’, because of Bank pressures, but why take bank loans at this age? For what? I have never taken any bank loan and I’m here enjoying my retirement money. You see that house, it has everything inside there that one needs to live, I have my cook and other workers here including security, they take care of me.”

He asked his fellow army officers to persevere and fight on because there are no frustrations in the army. That’s what has kept him moving till his last breath.

Camp David Two located on a hill and covering hundreds of acres of land close to Lake Wamala, the fresh breeze from that lake catches him well.

“The sun comes from that side and rests this side (pointing from East to West), I want it to shine on me in my grave when raising in the morning and say bye to me when setting off in the evening, hitting at my grave, here (points at the spot where he wants to be buried).”

His is mansion is fully furnished with everything a man needs in life, including state of the art furniture, lighting systems, cookery and DSTV to keep him looped around the world. “I’m more informed than most of you guys in Kampala who keeps in your crap there, what else do I need from your smelly disorderly city? I have fresh food, fresh air, fresh everything here.”

“I left Kampala because of dust and noise; I am at peace at Camp David with my antelopes, snakes and monkeys.”

Kasirye Ggwanga also warned anybody who thinks they can change his wishes when he is long gone in regards to burial sites and management of his properties.

Ggwanga said he found a solution for ‘these Kampala idiots’ who normally come and want to take charge of dead people’s ‘affairs’.

“No one has the powers to change where I want to be buried, even the army leadership knows it, I told them, so cut the crap. All my land and other properties will be left under ‘Kasirye Ggwanga Foundation’, you can’t sale, you can only use it to earn a living and leave it there, my legacy has to remain for my grandchildren to always come and refer to.”

“Today I do not just misuse my money; I have set up Kasirye Ggwanga Foundation. This foundation has all property and businesses and in case I pass on my name will still stand. I am not thinking of writing a Will because why would someone inherit what they did not work for. This foundation will carry on my legacy and my grandchildren will live to remember who their grandfather was.”

Camp David One is located in Kisoga village Mukono District, a few kilometres away from Mukono town where his 200-acre farm lies. The Camp is so isolated that only a few worn-out structures exist, a green tent where he sleeps and the rest is his farm with livestock and fruits.

Ggwanga enjoys staying in the bush saying that’s how generals live. He lives a simple life with no military escorts and very tough, he’s a scare craw, people fear him a lot and he says he likes it when people fear him. 

“I am not like these other Generals, I do not like escorts!” he says adding “No one can kill you in David Tinyefunza’s office, but if you mess up here, I kill and bury you here. I can kill you without a pistol in four seconds. Do not ask me how to go and get an instructor.” 

Ggwanga tells where he got the name Camp David from “I got the name from the US but their Camp David was not natural.” He boasts of how there are now only two Camp David’s in the world, only that at his has taken him 25 years to establish. He brings out a glossy magazine and shows me two palatial houses which he will have built by the end of the year.

“One will cost me $8.5m and the other $11m at Camp David, I am building 21st-century houses for my retirement,” he says with a mechanical smile.

Kasirye Gwanga says he’s rich, happy, and hardworking, no one can arrest him “I can’t be arrested”.

“Why would anyone arrest me, I do not owe anybody a shilling, I have no grudge with anybody!” not even a traffic officer because he’s obedient to traffic rules “Why would I over speed, am I going to heaven? In any case, she is doing her work; I would stop and get the ticket!”

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga biography
Who is Major General Kasirye Ggwanga?

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga on Politics

Without mincing words, Ggwanga says they will not allow the opposition to confuse the populace come 2021, because president Museveni is still around and has averagely done well compared to the nature of Ugandans.

“Museveni has done well, but do you guys know that Ugandans are very difficult Lott to manage? We went to the bush, fought for peace and freedom and gave them to you, but you’re using them against us.”

“How do you tell Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga that I am stealing your land (on Entebbe road where he burnt the tractor of the encroachers), go to court if you’re not ‘satisfied’?? do you see that? A civilian whom we gave peace and freedom on a silver platter telling me Kasirye Kasirye Ggwanga who narrowly survived death in the bush? You guys don’t appreciate certain things. So go and tell them, quote me, I have said Museveni is still here 2021, cut the crap.”

“2026, come and confuse your population we will be gone, but I can’t be here in Mityana and my president is Bobi Wine….haaahahaaaa…cut the crap.”

Ggwanga who has served in different army posts for almost all government regimes, however, believes “they” have made this generation.

A generation he says still ignorant about politics. “You are the young ones we have made and you are asking President Museveni to leave power!! I still remember how the country was when we took over power in 1986,” he says.

“If I tell you this young generation cannot take power today, I know what I am talking about. In our times we were not wild people, but today this generation is out of control and do not respect their elders, referring to us as analogue. Who can trust such a generation? I have known Bobi Wine (aka Robert Kyagulanyi) for some time now and we are friends. So, when I tell you this boy cannot take in Uganda today, I know what I am talking about.”

Kasirye Ggwanga to Bebe Cool 

Gwanga also said Bebe Cool is of no impotence to the NRM Party in addition to questioning his role in the upcoming 2021 General elections and musically he does not know him. He only admires Chameleone and David Lutalo’s music in Uganda, only wonders why is so popular? Yet there’s no special thing about him.

“I know Chameleone and I’ve told you that he is my friend but Bebe Cool, what is so special about him? Of what impotence or how can he even help NRM? I don’t know Bebe Cool, who is he? I only hear that he is an artist but I’ve never seen him physically or held his hands.”

Growing in Ghetto Ggwanga says it’s because Bebe Cool ran away from his father’s home calling him a poorly raised idiot. “You’re so stupid. Why did you grow up in the Ghetto? You ran away from home and you ended up growing up in the Ghetto.”

Replying to his remarks, Bebe Cool calmly said Ggwanga was misled and regardless of his demeaning statement he still respects him a lot.

Sir, retired Major General Kasirye Gwanga, you have my full respect and you will always have it even though you disrespect me a person you have never met or interacted with.

But during my upbringing, I was always taught to always respect my elders and most especially gentlemen like you who went to the bush to fight for peace, happiness, freedom of speech and expression among others.

Though the Baganda say, Nomuto akuba drums omukulu Nazina, and I wish to advise you a bit.

Next time watch out with these young ignorant lads who pose as media personalities directing questions to put you on spot answering when you are under the “influence” of happiness and peace brought about by yourself and president M7 in this peaceful Uganda today. You still have my respect, sir.

Kasirye Ggwanga to Bobi Wine

The Maj. Gen. admires Bobi Wine’s ingenuity explaining that he was consulted by the Kyadondo East legislator before his campaigns and later returned after his win to Parliament. 

Kasirye Ggwanga hails Bobi Wine as a good and very smart person but dashes his chances against President Yoweri Museveni in 2021 general elections.

The two met on several occasions greeted, hugged and shared important aspects of life. 

However, in March 2020, Gwanga revealed that he is training the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to become president in a talk show hosted by a local media house. According to him, Bobi Wine cannot unseat President Museveni.

“I have said Museveni is still here 2021, cut the crap. 2026, come and confuse your population we will be gone, but I can’t be here in Mityana and my President is Bobi Wine.”

Kasirye says Museveni is responsible for making the people who are currently challenging him. “About Bobi Wine, I am training him to be the next president come 2026. For now, let him first cut the crowd following him.”

Ggwanga wishes to see a President after Museveni. He says in case Uganda gets a better person “I have beautiful children I made during his reign. I want to see him retire, but where will he go?” he wonders.

On September 2, 2018, Ggwanga warned the government over the impending danger that would befall the establishment should they ignore the man he described as being a smart planner.

“He is a good man and very smart. They are messing with Kyagulanyi, he is like Kasirye Gwanga, he sizes you up and he takes his time.”

He, however, cautioned that the big swarm of failed politicians flocking around him would cause him failure unless he treats them off early enough.

In Jan 2019 Major Gen Kasirye Gwanga once again cautioned the different security organs not to dare torture Kyagulanyi again since he was a child of the NRM whose late father had done a lot of work helping the liberation forces of the NRA in terms of food and logistics.

He went ahead to warn that he was not willing to look on as the son of a historical liberation collaborator was being tortured for seeking meaningful change.

“This boy is our child because his father helped us during the war and as Maj. Gen Kasirye Gwanga, I wouldn’t want to see anyone from security to torture him anymore. He also has his views, he would want the government to look into and get solved,” he said while commenting on Bobi Wine’s physical altercations with security forces in Arua.

In March 2019 Ggwanga attacked the government and its security forces for refusing Bobi Wine to organize his music concerts in what he called unfair persecution.

“If I were the one, I wouldn’t block his music concerts. Why refuse Bobi Wine to sing? It instead increases his support and popularity,” Gwanga said while appearing on NTV talk show.

On 16 March 2020 the retired general shocked the country when he openly confessed to being the brain behind preparing the people strongman for the greatest political office in the land while being interviewed on the Buganda Kingdom owned BBS TV in Mengo.

“About Bobi Wine, I am training him to be the next president come 2026.” However, the Kyadondo East MP would have to wait until Museveni gets out of the equation in 2026 before he would be able to dream of victory as he also does something about the bad company associated with his People Power Movement as it was a recipe for bad publicity.

It’s against this background that the military was deployed at Gwanga’s home to keep his already suspicious actions with Bobi Wine under watch. His refusal to have the military at his residential facility, therefore, was a direct call for the obvious.

Days back, Kasirye Ggwanga was hospitalized at the UPDF Senior Officers Diagnostic Centre based in Mbuya. During that time social media made rounds saying he has been arrested following his alleged beating of locals in Mityana who had defied President Museveni’s directives over coronavirus, reports dismissed by the Army saying he was unwell.

His aide Yasin said Kasirye Ggwanga developed a mild headache on their way to Kampala from his Country home Mityana to service his car. While in Kampala, the situation intensified his aides asked him to be taken to the hospital but he hesitated to say let them first fix the car before he goes to the hospital.

Shortly his situations worsened and he was taken to Mbuya from where he was transferred to Nakasero Hospital in Kampala in critical condition where he breathed his last on Tuesday 6 June 2020. 

Ggwanga fights against deforestation 

Other than focusing on his farm, Kasirye Ggwanga is also devoted to protecting the forest cover in his region Mubende from encroachers and depletion. As a retired soldier he is leading the crusade to restore the depleted forest cover.

The retired Gen. says he’s leading the fight against forests destruction because these forests harboured them during the war. He argues that natural wells and swamps are drying up and the shortage of water is becoming one of the major problems in their region from one of the swamps.

Ggwanga says he does not care what society thinks of him shooting at people whom he finds destroying the indigenous trees replacing them with eucalyptus.

“We need to protect our own, in Moyo District where Gen Kodili lives residents have no tolerance for any person who cuts down trees, and they protect their own. But it is a bonanza and no one comes out to fight this. Those that would are afraid,” he said.

The environment activist said the reason why he fired truck tires carrying wood is that they are destroying the environment and forest cover. So it was a wakeup call for them to stop the habits.

Before his death, he argued people of Uganda to conserve and protect the environment by appreciating reforestation through tree planting particularly fruits trees.

He advised that fruits trees like mangoes, avocado, Jackfruits and oranges and in between plant first growing foods like beans, maize to help wipe out hunger and improve environmental conservation. 

Ggwanga he’s always disappointed to see forests being destroyed in various areas of the country and replaced with eucalyptus trees which are destructive to the environment.  

Kasirye Ggwanga hails Bobi Wine
Kasirye Ggwanga hails Bobi Wine.

Maj. Gen Kasirye Gwanga shoots Singer Catherine Kusasira’s car

In January 2019, Ggwanga shoot Catherine Kusasira’s car after an argument over the loud music in the musician’s car. This incident happened when Ggwanga’s children who were buying fries told Kusasira’s aides to reduce the volume of the loud music in their car, which they objected.

Consequently, the irritated children threatened to invite their dad “to burn your cheap car”. Moments later, Ggwanga arrived and joined his children to demand that the loud music is turned down, but still, the defiant aides refused and instead reminded him he is not above the law.

Suddenly Ggwanga lost his cool and asked his bodyguards to avail him his gun which he then used to shoot one of the tires of the car, before driving away arguing that Kusasira insulted her when she intervened in the matter. At the time, Kusasira was not in the car and no one got injured.

In 2013, Ggwanga threatened to shoot police officers when they stormed the farm of his junior brother Angelo Kasirye to allegedly exhume the remains of Livingstone Lubega who was reportedly buried there.

Lubega reportedly disappeared in 1985. Ggwanga pitched camp in the farm with his AK-47 rifle and threatened to shoot the officers should they fail to find the remains. Some bones were recovered from the farm.

Ggwanga also narrates how he shot at robbers who had hijacked their vehicle years back. 

“I pleaded with them to take the car and spare our lives. When we got out, I pulled my pistol and shot the idiot!” the praise I heap on him for the movie like act morale boosts him to continue. “The fool shot me in the thigh and thought he had finished me off. I touched the sensitive organs of the body, realized I was safe and shot him.”

He paints a picture of the scene he created, becoming a legend in the area and how he had to drive himself to the hospital as his friend has rolled his body like a ball in fear.

Religious affiliation 

Kasirye Ggwanga does not attend church; he refers to believers as idiots. “To do what? Me Kasirye Gwanga to pray with these idiots? I do not pray, I speak with God anytime, I am Him. Did I write the Bible? Doesn’t it say I was made in His image? So l am God and even now I am speaking to Him.”

Years back, Ggwanga while at his Makindye residence, shot in the air at born again Christians who had pitched camp in his area praying.

He reasons the church was making a lot of noise for them rich men who reside in the area and had refused to listen to residents’ pleas to minimize the noise.

“People got concerned and showed me packs of condoms, children were messing up. I was forced to speak my language which worked and they understood the hard way.” He did not invite Police in the matter because he’s Kasirye Ggwanga. 

Kasirye Ggwanga – His farm

Talking about agriculture, Ggwanga clashed with NAADS officials in 2006, called them ignorant and awarded himself a degree in agriculture basing on his excellent farming techniques unique to him and boasts of how all the grafted fruits trees in his farm is money in the waiting.

“Some whites came here offering me $50 for each of these over 100,000 old trees. The deal? I was not meant to cut them for the next 30 years. I turned them down. How do you tell me what to do on my farm? I have awarded myself a PHD in agriculture; I do not wait for Makerere to do that,” he says.

Ggwanga usually hires prisoners from Nakisunga prison to work on his farm.

Free time

When not at the farm the general goes hunting. He traps small antelopes, birds and bushbucks among others. These, sometimes he does with friends; he’s an excellent edible rat hunter.

However much as he likes Afrigo Band, today he fears going to any of the concerts fearing he may be invaded by the “young ones” who may steal from him. “I gave up on social life. I feel refreshed here in the forest with my dogs.”

Major General Kasirye Ggwanga – Family

Rtd. Major General Kasirye Ggwanga is a father to an unknown number of children. Most of his children stay abroad however, Ggwanga says he doesn’t miss them because they’ve got to man up, go and fight for their survival like him. 

“I’m connected here, man, I talk to them online all the time, why miss them? Even these two little young ones in International School in Kampala when they return on holidays they give me ‘crap’”. 

His wife currently lives in the USA and others elsewhere in the world while others died. The children are studying in different schools and colleagues around the country, while others are married and some working. For now, he enjoys his life at Camp David.

Ggwanga lives in the forest and he says he does not need a wife. “Why do I need a woman? I want to live my life, I cannot even wed! How do I imprison myself in five minutes? But on a serious note, I got the children I wanted from different women.”

They (women) are all over the world, some in Europe, others are dead. That is why I cannot tell you about them.” He declines to tell me how many children he has; taking refuge in the Kiganda culture where counting children is taboo.

He then boasts of how successful all his children are, dotted all over the globe, singling out the last born who plays American soccer and has been admitted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). One of the daughters is a great lawyer.”

He brings out framed photos of all his children, assuring me that they are the reason; he is retiring from the army. “They keep asking when I will give myself a rest after forty years in the army. Mine is the happiest family you can find. Everyone lives their life,” he says.

Adding how he never beat his children, but only uses his eyes to show disapproval.

Although Ggwanga is fairly richer than his father was, he does not roll out a red carpet whenever they come home for holidays. Being a hardworking person since his childhood, his children also work on the family shamba.

Many grandparents prefer spending time with their children; however, it’s quite different from Gen Ggwanga.

“I don’t stay with my grandchildren because most of them are not in the country. Besides, I am not ready for any noise. Children are quite disturbing and as far as I remember, I did not grow up with my grandparents. All I ever did was to visit them. Children are naughty, at one time I was watching TV and my grandchild decided to switch to some other channel she wanted, I was forced to beat her up, but it was like I had committed a big offence. I should let them stay with their parents,” he says.

“My family here (Camp David) is the two dogs. They give me good company,” he adds as he cuddles one of the dogs named Kampala.

Kasirye Ggwanga’s Will as he was being taken into ICU

Below is Kasirye Gwanga’s will before he was taken in for surgery; 

  1. My body must be cremated and my ashes must be kept in the Museum
  2. I have bequeathed my farm Camp David to the army
  3. I gave my children a good education and they have everything they need, no one should take any of my property.
  4. Money on my bank accounts will help my several concubines and their dependents, my daughter has the list. 
  5. All my other properties are for my dear wife.
  6. I bequeath my bush war uniform and my gun to Museveni’s son Gen Muhoozi
  7. Commander in Chief Gen. Museveni must salute my body before cremation  

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