Makerere administration install CCTV cameras
Makerere administration and Police agree to install CCTV cameras on campus. Photo/Twitter

Makerere University administration and Police agree to install CCTV cameras on campus

Following a Tuesday meeting between the Police and the Makerere University administration, the two parties have agreed to install CCTV cameras all over campus to help in curbing on the insecurity cases.

Senior police officers led by the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martin Okoth Ochola visited Makerere to discuss among others issues on how to reduce on the continuous strikes that have become a habit at the University.

As a result, they agreed to put in place cameras in all crime-prone areas and also to deploy more police officers.

The meeting followed after the recent student’s strike against the 15% tuition policy that they believe was signed without their proper consent.

On 29th October 2019, the University Council held an emergency meeting and decided to halt any further increment on functional fees, but kept the 15% increase on tuition fees for the next three years.

However, the students insist that they want the policy removed also on the tuition. They claim the policy is very unfair not only to those on government but also those on private sponsorship who have to toil hard to get their tuition.

Makerere administration install CCTV cameras
Makerere administration approves CCTV cameras installation.

However, after the meeting, it was agreed that CCTV cameras are needed inside the Makerere University and around hostels to supervise and monitor day to day activities by the students.

“Students have been demonstrating and spoiling the university properties. So the cameras will help to identify the naughty students and all the planned demonstrations at the university in time,” a statement from the meeting read.

A meeting that was attended by professionals from both the University and the Police was aimed at finding a permanent solution to the University’s recent wrangles according to University management.

The acting Vice-Chancellor during the striking period, Prof Kakumba said that the meeting was based on good terms and for the good of the University itself in trying to make it a better place for anyone.

Besides, he said that the Police also came to look for areas where best they can install the cameras for proper supervision of activities inside campus.

“They came to survey where the major installations should be made and to see how they can secure the university properties and its population at large,” Kakumba said.

“It was one of the plans, IGP together with his team came here to familiarise themselves with the security of the university to be able to establish the mega security plan for now and the future,” he added.

By John Dalton Kigozi