Museveni Appoints Sandor Walusimbi New Press Secretary
Walusimbi has been the State House Anti-Corruption Unit's head of communication.

Museveni has appointed Sandor Walusimbi as his new senior press secretary, replacing Lindah Nabusayi, who, according to sources, has retired.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appointed Mr Sandor Walusimbi as his new senior Press Secretary, replacing Lindah Nabusayi who a number of sources say has been retired.

Nabusayi has been in the position since April 2021 after replacing Mr Don Wanyama. Her replacement Walusimbi previously served as the Head of Communication at the State House Anti-corruption Unit

Walusimbi has been the State House Anti-Corruption Unit’s head of communication. He previously also served as the head of corporate relations at Uganda Breweries Limited and also as Marketing Manager for East African Breweries Limited.

Relatively, he also previously also served as the Airtel Uganda Public Relations Manager. 

In 1995, he joined EABL 1995 as a brand promoter but was later promoted to brand manager, innovations and commercialization manager, senior brand manager and marketing manager for spirits.

With all this aside, he will now take up his new role as the press secretary, a position that was previously held by Don Wanyama until 2021 when he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Vision Group and replaced by Nabusayi.

It is, however, not clear where Nabusayi will be going but close sources say she has been recalled for redeployment.

Meanwhile, another formidable person to hold the position was the prominent Tamale Mirundi. Mirundi held the position for 13 years up to 2015 when he was sacked. 

Speaking in 2015 days after, Mirundi blamed his sacking on former premier Amama Mbabazi. He said he had an invisible role in influencing decision-makers.

“You can join Mbabazi without knowing you have joined him. In fact, people are now calling me to say Museveni supports Mbabazi because he sacks those who are combative on Mbabazi,” Mirundi said then.

“You people don’t know how Mbabazi works. He has people in intelligence and even State House. He can fight you without you seeing him. Ever since I began attacking him, my problems have increased. The happiest people with my sacking are the Mbabazi group and the Opposition because I have been a headache to them,” he added.